Ok, screw "Time to think".I am sure most of you know that to become a TRUE kirby master you must beat the TRUE arena... ( No pun intended... sort of. ) anyway, I would like to show you how to beat the true arena in Kirby's adventure wii / Return to Dream Land in your situation. Firstly, here are some abilities and characters worth Trying out:

King DeDeDe - As if Hammer Kirby wasn't powerful enough, the mighty king of Dream Land is like Hammer ability that never floats of in a star upon getting hurt. Infinite Hammer throw! the only flaw... Well... You gotta complete The True Arena first. Actually, forget that one.

Tornado Kirby - More of a spam really, Your completely invincible while in Tornado form, not to mention the ability to fly AND do tons of damage at a time, unlike in other Kirby titles. You barely even need Maxim tomatoes for this ability.

Spark - The charged spark attack simply steals the show, combining both skill and strength. Shake the wii remote or press up and down on the controls frequently to charge the attack and press one to unleash it. This is great if you want to feel proud of yourself afterwards.

That's all today. Please post anything below if you want to add something. Do it for the Kirby fans out there!

Bye, Fumutan Biospark attack right wanna battle? KMAgoldenwaddledee no thanks. 19:43, July 30, 2012 (UTC)

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