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  • Gioku

    Hey everyone, here we are, my first of these weekly blog posts! I figured the best topic for this one would be as-of-yet unreleased Kirby games.

    As you may have noted from the forum post I started before E3, I really expected Nintendo to talk about Kirby's Blowout Blast and also the other 3DS Kirby game they announced, but then I was very very surprised (probably along with all of you!) that they have already announced a Kirby game for the Nintendo Switch! I suppose they are saving Kirby for one of their monthly (or at least close to monthly) Nintendo Directs or one of the other games conferences coming up later (E3 is the biggest one of course but not the only one!)

    So, anyway, I should talk about that n…

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  • Gioku

    Weekly Blog Idea!

    June 15, 2017 by Gioku

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    So, the Kirby Wiki has this nifty little blog feature, that I have not used since 2011 when I first got on here (and when I was 15... gosh!), and I was thinking of making use of it!

    So my question/premise to you is, if I did a weekly blog on here, would you read it? I'd maybe not make one every single week (I won't always have much to talk about haha!), but I'd like to do one here to talk about thoughts and opinions on Kirby/the wiki itself/Nintendo besides just the encyclopedic info that I usually work with here, haha! Plus, I'd love to stay more engaged with the community here and more active in general, which writing a weekly blog would certainly help with! So yea I am just wondering if any of you would be interested in reading/re…

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  • Gioku

    I finally got 30000 exp. in Chapter Four of Kirby Quest! And I didn't even have to get all perfect, just mostly perfect. The Galaxia battle automatically brings your exp. up to 20000, and defeating Dark Matter with it automatically brings it up to 30000.

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