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Okay so, very conveniently, a new Kirby game has come out a week after my last blog haha! Anyway, now I've had two days to play it I can talk about it a bit (I haven't finished it yet tho, just started on area 5, so no spoilers please; thats also why you haven't seen me edit anything on it yet hehe)! This won't really be a review or anything, just thoughts on the game.

So, anyway, I love it so far hehe! When I played Kirby 3D Rumble I loved that to but felt it was like, too small of a bite-sized chunk really so they did not really explore the concept of 3D Kirby game yet, but it had great potential and I was really hopeful for an expansion, and viola, here it is! I really enjoy the ways they expanded it, the levels are much larger and there's much more to do in each, and gone is that combos system so its a bit more enjoyable to go for the best ranking on each stage (I didn't much care for the "best combos" thing from Kirby 3D Rumble). I also really enjoy all the things it has brought back/together! My first Kirby game was Kirby Super Star Ultra so I am a big sucker for callbacks to that so I love seeing the Revenge bosses and the alternate color palettes that go with them, and I also enjoyed seeing Bubbly Clouds! I really like the enemy and location variety they brought in. I also appreciate the gameplay style, with how it's just like Kirby's Dream Land in Kirby's abilities. Copy Abilities are nice and all, but I've always felt that Kirby's Dream Land was just a different kind of gameplay experience as opposed to a worse one, so seeing them come back to explore that a bit as a new 3D game is really neat to me. Oh and, I of course love the way Kirby's cheeks really puff out more the more he inhales, haha! With the new 3D environment Kirby actually has room to expand out into so they can actually do that for once, and it's really cute, I love the way his little arms just kind of flap as he walks hehe!

So yea I think this is a great expansion from Kirby 3D Rumble and I think that they are doing great with these expanded sub games, I've enjoyed every one of them I've played! (I still haven't gotten Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe tho just because, like... Dedede's Drum Dash didn't exactly thrill me but you know, haha). So far, Kirby has translated very well to 3D as well I think, and even tho this expands things in a way I very like, I still would like to see it go even further! I'd love to see them break even further from the arcade-style gameplay and grid based levels and go for more of a regular 3D platforming adventure game, they really have a good basis going on here! And oh, one last thing for fun, I found that using this one Kirby Home Menu screen looks a bit silly with the diorama for this game haha! [1]

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