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It's been more than a week since my last one of these, but I really couldn't come up with any topics for this haha! I can probably do this more consistently if I talk about topics besides Kirby though, so if you're interested in hearing just more general things from me, let me know (you could also follow my twitter for that but I understand just wanting to stick around here haha).

Anyway, with this being Kirby's anniversary month, I came up with a topic for a blog this week, and that is, how I got into the Kirby series. I don't remember the exact details but I believe it was in 2010 or 2011, around then, when I was about 14, I used to do yard work for my grandma and she would let me get a new video game afterward for it. I remember going on her computer and looking up good DS games so I could find one I would like to get, and I came across Kirby Super Star Ultra. I read about how there was like, a whole bunch of games in it, and I liked the sound of that, and I was interested to try a new series from Nintendo I had yet to play. We went to Target to get it and I remember being impressed with its shiny box art haha! On the way back I read through the instruction book and I really enjoyed the art and I liked the sound of all the moves you could do! When I actually got to play it, I remember really enjoying all the little cutscene videos it had, I loved the music, and I loved learning all the copy abilities! I remember being really impressed when I got through all of the games and... now there were more! That game really had a lot of content hehe. I really played the heck out of that game, I remember learning to speedrun the True Arena and Meta Knightmare Ultra haha! I think that was really a great game to start with, it really shows everything Kirby has to offer! Plus, it has the Helpers, which I am still really fond of and excited for in the Nintendo Switch game!

Then around the same time, I had started reading Nintendo Power magazine (the local library had them (and I think it still has them, though of course now its all archive copies)), and so I got to read about the upcoming Kirby game, Kirby Mass Attack, which I then put on my birthday wishlist for the year. My birthday is November 14th, and I joined here November 16th, and my memory is a bit fuzzier on this part compared to the rest, but something obviously compelled me to look the game up, and I remember finding that the site was not finished yet with Kirby Mass Attack information, and having experience with Wikis previously, I decided to chip in! The rest, of course, is history, hehe. Also, just looking at my original user page here, you can really see how my personality has changed since I was 14, haha! I also don't know why I said "for a few years", I did not have a DS until 2010 and so I know for a fact that I could not have gotten Kirby Super Start Ultra until at least 2010, so there is no way it could have been a few years... I was silly, is all I can figure!

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