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So, the Kirby Wiki has this nifty little blog feature, that I have not used since 2011 when I first got on here (and when I was 15... gosh!), and I was thinking of making use of it!

So my question/premise to you is, if I did a weekly blog on here, would you read it? I'd maybe not make one every single week (I won't always have much to talk about haha!), but I'd like to do one here to talk about thoughts and opinions on Kirby/the wiki itself/Nintendo besides just the encyclopedic info that I usually work with here, haha! Plus, I'd love to stay more engaged with the community here and more active in general, which writing a weekly blog would certainly help with! So yea I am just wondering if any of you would be interested in reading/responding to such a thing! Thanks for your feedback, and I hope to make this a fun new thing I do here!

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