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    New Episode

    October 27, 2013 by HotHead999

    Yeah, its been a while since i edited a whole episode. I've been busy with stuff so i had little time to be this wiki, but hopefully now i'll have more time. I'm debating on which Kirby Right Back At Ya! episode that came out recently to give a full summery. Those episodes are A Trashy Tale and Cooking Up Trouble, A Trashy Tale becuase I have a head start on it, and Cooking Up Trouble becuase I liked this better than A Trashy Tale. It doesn't really matter which episode I pick, but i want to enjoy doing this not feel forced.

    Which one do I choose?...

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  • HotHead999

    lets say your in Japan and someone came up to you and aske you if you would like to help him with something. you say yes and he takes you an animation studio, The man than puts you in charge of the making of Kirby of the stars. in this postion you now have control of episoes, characters, the story, and other stuff. now, What do you do? do you make small changes, medium changes, big changes, or chages that are so big you couldn't even compare this to the original. post your changes below

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  • HotHead999

    I'll keep this short.

    as some of you might know I love Kirby games and I love the Anime that came from it. But my time on this wiki made me realize something. Almost every episode on this wiki is a stub. I don't why this is, maybe when the episode pages were made, ways to view the episode is limted. But right now episodes 1-70 in english can be viewed on youtube and more is on the way! So I really don't know why the episodes are there but know one is using them. I know the anime is not what Kirby is know for, but I think every page on this wiki should be filled with as much infomation and pictures as possible.

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