Kirby: Triple Deluxe used Return to Dream Land's formula as far as how the game works for the most part. I enjoyed such addition, seeing as how Return to Dream Land is probably my favorite game in the franchise thus far. It brought back the classic gameplay after Epic Yarn and Mass Attack (still great games, but you probably want your Copy Abilities back some time). In addition to making most Super Star abilities return, there was also the return of Spark (now fully merged with Plasma), Needle, Hi-jump, and Tornado. Even then, new abilities were added: Whip, Leaf, Spear, and finally Water. Triple Deluxe came out, and while a fun game and retaining most of the abilities as per usual, along with adding a few more, quite a bit of these abilities exhibited changes: buffs and nerfs, unfortunately more of the latter based on my observations. A lot of Copy Abilities were nerfed, which is what I'm going to talk about, along with the buffs; don't want to seem too negative. Damage will not be noted, as those values could not be easily measured in Triple Deluxe (Robobot, on the other hand...).


Sword is almost never nerfed ever, and some changes may not even be considered nerfs at all; this game is no exception. It retained all of the moves from KRtDL, along with some additions. The spin attack can now be made aerial by pressing up, Kirby now has the hat drop attack from KSS(U), and can now charge up sword beams simply by pressing up. This move is especially useful in Kirby Fighters (Deluxe) as Sword has no other projectile attacks. Sword has been buffed once again.


Fire was not so lucky, in my opinion. The spiral move performed in midair was removed, the fireball move seems to have more gravity to it upon consecutive uses, and the fire spin attack (down attack in midair) seems to have a smaller area of effect and doesn't carry over some of the mechanics Return to Dream Land had: if performed after a dash jump, it will always result in a roll, regardless of height; this was removed in Triple Deluxe. I'm probably one of the only people who uses that, but still. As for the pros, while doing the fire roll, Kirby can jump, similar to Wheel (although this seems to be nerfed in Robobot due to some differing physics; the jump is now always the same, regardless of horizontal velocity); Kirby's fireball attack can also be canceled by pressing jump. While that's a rather awkward way to cancel it instead of just pressing B again, it's a nice idea. Overall, I feel Fire has nerfed.


Needle is about broke-even with me, if not slightly buffed. For some reason, its dash attack was removed (probably to make way for Wheel). It was Needle's most powerful move as well, not that many people used it in that fashion. On the bright side, Needle now has an inverted Mega Needle attack. It works the same, but upside-down, can lift Kirby up into the air, is accompanied by additional spikes, and can be used repeatedly as a pseudo-glide. This makes Needle rather fun to use, especially since it seems to be a rather neglected Copy Ability. While Needle's ability to shoot his spikes was slightly altered, now only shooting 5 spikes instead of 6 or 10, it seems better still, as people tend to prefer 45 degree angles over 36 degree ones; it also seems to come out faster.


While no moves have been removed, this Copy Ability is still nerfed. Its Leaf Rain attack now only drops 3 leaves instead of 5; it can also only be performed twice consecutively from a normal jump instead of KRtDL's 4-5 times. I love to do attacks like this a lot, so it upsets me that I can't do it as much as before.


Cutter received no changes besides an aesthetic one. The Hyper Boomerang move now has an orange trail instead of a yellow one. I preferred the yellow one over this one; a cyan one reminiscent of Squeak Squad's Hyper Boomerangs would be cool as well. Overall, no buffs or nerfs.


Spark has been nerfed, both intentionally and somewhat unintentionally. Its lightning attacks have been removed from its move-set (and return in Robobot, albeit altered still); what bothers me most, not that anything could be done about it, was charging up static. In KRtDL, it was as easy as shaking the wii remote. I went the entire Arena (and I think True Arena) shaking that wii remote despite how tiring it could get. I loved being able to shake for static; this mechanic is absent in this game, for rather obvious reasons. Shaking a 3DS isn't the best thing to do, so you have to spaz the control pad. In KSSU, I did that while guarding; it doesn't work as well in this game, however. With the new dodge mechanic (which I like the addition of, especially for Kirby Fighters), it makes charging static a bit awkward, having Kirby do twirls as you charge up power. On a similar note, I preferred the spark barrier without the various rings surrounding it.


Beam has been nerfed. The Revolution Beam attack has been removed (although is apparently present in the game's code). The Beam Blast move can now only be performed 3 consecutive times instead of KRtDL's 5 times. Nothing else about it has changed otherwise.


Whip seems to have exhibited no changes, although I'm unsure as to whether or not the Whip Tornado attack has decreased range.


Parasol has been slightly buffed in terms of moves. No moves have been added or taken out; however, if Kirby holds the parasol in front of him and lets go, water will splash (water used to only splash upon pressing the button, not after holding it). Kirby pulling back his parasol after these moves can also damage opponents/enemies behind him.


Stone has been buffed; the seemingly neglected uppercut attack can now be charged up for more power.


The simple fact that it isn't in this game is enough to warrant it a spot here. Water was a very wanted Copy Ability. It went to the point where it made an anime appearance before being an in-game ability. It came in KRtDL in all its glory, and now it's not back. Every other new Copy Ability from Return to Dream Land came back, but this didn't. To a lesser extent, Tornado's absence is also a bit upsetting, but not as much as Water's. Tornado was a fun ability, both in Squeak Squad and Return to Dream Land. Now Air isn't in the game.


Bomb has been nerfed. The bomb drop move no longer provides a slight upward boost when performed in midair. The Bomb Bowl attack also doesn't seem to go as far as in Return to Dream Land.


Spear has been buffed. It lost its triple spear throw, which is a bit sad, but it was more than made up for. The Spear Barrage move used to only throw 3-4 in one jump before landing and throwing a grounded one. Here, you can throw 8-10 of them, and can move laterally without changing the direction you're facing for added spacing ability. The Moon Drop attack is now invincible all the way through the attack instead of just at the start-up, and can move sideways during the entire fall. The standard combo, when performed against an exceptionally large enemy, such as a mid-boss or boss, will push the player back a bit to negate some of forward movement from the last strike of the combo; granted, it doesn't negate all of the forward movement, but most is still pretty good. The backwards spear attack can now be performed after an upward stab and even itself, allowing for consecutively backward stabs. This is a good way to stay in place while attacking a mid-boss or boss, as the standard combo involves to lateral shifting.


Ice has been nerfed. Its only invincibility move has been taken out; this move was also a dash attack, further limiting Ice's abilities (brought back in Robobot).


Hammer has been nerfed. The triple attack has been removed, although this is likely because of how King Dedede works in Dededetour, as holding the button would allow him to shoot a beam to cut things such as grass or ropes.


Fighter has been nerfed. Its range seems to have had a decrease and its double kick move has also been altered. While it grants more lateral movement due to the slowed falling speed, it can't hit twice: once for the kick, and again for the projectile. However, Fighter can now combo Leg Sweep into Spin Kick or Rising Break (particularly useful for Kirby Fighters).


Wing has sustained no changes.


Ninja has been nerfed. The wall jump ability has been reverted to its Kirby: Squeak Squad status: can only climb if there are two walls close to each other. In KSS(U) and KRtDL, it only required one wall. Quad Shock has returned to its KSS(U) status: does not work in midair. The Stealth Slash's hotbox is now also awkward. A player can phase through an enemy with this attack and not damage it. On the plus side, throwing knives from a wall can now be done a rapid speed instead of a slower speed and the counter move is performed by guarding, instead of attacking, when hit. On another note, I like how they used the bamboo stick upon surfacing in the water in order to obtain a rare keychain, seeing as how this ability was more of an easter egg in Return to Dream Land.


Wheel's inclusion in the this game gives it a spot here, as a contrast to Water's. Wheel has returned and been made better than ever. You can jump again and don't have the awkward ability to slow yourself down. Pressing down will allow you to initiate an attack very similar to Sonic's spin-dash. You can also jump while dashing at high speeds for a super jump. Jumps can also be cancelled by pressing down twice. Also turn-hops now have invincibility frames, making this move broken (you can beat The True Arena by repeatedly doing this and not take any damage). Now with your speed-running ability in the game, things definitely got better here. This is a buff.


Admittedly, this is mostly negative. There are quite the amount of nerfs in the game that seem like they really shouldn't have been in there in the first place. It's a bit upsetting, but that doesn't make it a bad game. Plus, there are new abilities like Archer and Beetle. Archer has tight precision and charge shots. Also, invincibility just by ducking. Beetle is a fun ability to slash and grab with. So much impaling.