Just for the record, I'm not particularly planning on claiming articles related to that of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse until I've gone and played it. I'm not a fan of dibs, so I'm not going to call for an article to be my responsibility and I don't want to see much of that in others unless they have good reasons for such. Of course, this blog post is just my opinion, a recommendation if you will, but not a demand or anything; although you can trust me that if someone claims an article just because, I'm not going to be happy. If you have a particular/strong interest in it, that's fine. Sorry if anyone feels offended by this, as I don't mean to and this is not pointed at anyone in particular. I'm just not a fan of dibs and similar ways to claim something due to it not being fair. Sure, life isn't fair, but that's not something we can control, unlike dibs.

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