Kirby: Darkness Arrives is the potential name for a remake of Kirby's Dream Land 2. No, I'm not saying KDL2 is going to get a remake, but this blog post is about the concept of said topic: KDL2 getting a remake. Kirby's Dream Land and Kirby's Adventure already have remakes in some shape or form, yet Kirby's Dream Land 2 has yet to be remade, with Kirby Super Star, which came after it, getting its own remake as well. Kirby's Dream Land 2, in a way, is the Metroid 2: Return to Samus of the Kirby franchise; it's rather old, also on a Game Boy, and the main game(s) before it in the series have been remade to fit the current day and age, whereas the games released after it can hold on their own without needing a remake, with one such game practically revolutionizing the franchise. Now that I'm done comparing it to Metroid 2, let's talk about other reasons it could get a remake.

Bosses. Whispy Woods, Ice Dragon, Kracko, King Dedede, and Dark Matter have all appeared as bosses, in some way, in the modern Kirby trilogy (Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and Kirby Planet Robobot). Adding to that, Nruff has appeared in KRtDL, so making a Nruff & Nelly shouldn't be that difficult, mainly being resizing and retexturing. This leaves Sweet Stuff and Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright. While we do have Fatty Puffer, and well as the Sphere Doomers (Purple and Red), making new models for the KDL2 bosses absent in the current games is probably the better route instead of revamping any already present bosses that could potentially fit the bill. The bosses in this game could also help emphasize the "furiousness" mechanic that generally occurs after depleting half of their health. For Whispy Woods, it'd cause him to lose his mask and glasses; for Sweet Stuff, performing the attacks it reserves for low health; for Kracko, changing from being an eye in the clouds to showing its true form; for King Dedede, going into his fits of rage; and Dark Matter, showing its true form. Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright would be an interesting special case, as no boss has featured multiple individuals in a modern Kirby game (excluding Landia and fighting against two mid-bosses). This begs the question as to whether they'll share a health bar, and bringing that down to half will cause them both to become more aggressive, or if they have separate health bars, each with their own halfway point.

Mid-bosses. The only mid-bosses we have from the game are Mr. Frosty and Blocky. However, we still do have Flame Galboros, Dubior, and Kibble Blade; however, like with the bosses, it'd be better to simply make models for those we are missing. Making Captain Stitch shouldn't be much of can issue either, as he's based on Gordo.

Enemies. I'm pretty sure this game has the least amount of different enemies of any main Kirby game, being 28 in total. We still have Waddle Dees, Broom Hatters, Bouncys, Bronto Burts, Poppy Bros. Jr.'s, Kabus, Mumbies, Mashers, Blippers, Squishys, Glunks, Cappies, Scarfies, Propellers, Flamers, Sir Kibbles, Rockys, Sparkys, Gordos, and Shotzos. That's 20 right there. Making Butch can be done by modifying Axe Knight's model. Blade will have to be a new one (not to be confused with Blade Knight). Sir Slippy hasn't appeared in a while, but we do have Walf, Mamanti, and Barracu (again, still probably better off to make a new model, but these are current alternatives). We don't have Elieel, but we do have Barbars. Crack Tweet's going to be a new model. Floaty the Drifter can easily be made a retextured Parasol. We don't have Spikey, but Needlous could probably fit the bill. Master Pengy, or Pengis in general, are still absent, leaving Chilly as the only Ice enemy (besides Snowl and the white Antrs).

Animal Friends. All three animal friends have models from Kirby Fighters; Rick and Coo are also seen using attacks from KDL2 as well. Coo's theme and Kine's theme have modern versions, which leads into my next point.

Music. Ripple Field share's Float Island's music, which has been remixed in KPR. Red Canyon has Yogurt Yard's theme, which was remixed in KTD. Dark Castle has also be remixed in KPR. While music for the other levels haven't had modern remixes, there is plenty of music for grassy areas like Grass Land (Cookie Country, Fine Field), forest areas such as Big Forest, icy areas as Iceberg (White Wafers, Old Odyssey), cloudy areas as Cloudy Park (Nutty Noon, Fine Field EX), and castle areas as Dark Castle (Nutty Noon, Royal Road).

Changes. As has been mentioned earlier, I'd prefer any bosses from KDL2 that haven't reappeared to have new models instead of being replaced by newer bosses; same goes for mid-bosses. Some enemies, I'm fine with replacing, if there is a good replacement (such as Spikey being replaced by Needlous). As for music, I would like each level to have its music be modernized, but I don't want every stage to use the same music; instead, I'd like some variety in the songs. Same goes for the themes of the animal friends; instead of playing when riding a particular animal friend (which gets rid of the music that normally plays), animal friend themes should only play in areas you'd usually have them, such as right after defeating a mid-boss. Attacking underwater should be changed to be like KDL2 instead of how it currently is. Elemental blocks may also need to be changed. Perhaps the blocks that Parasol and Ice are meant to break could be Fire Blocks, and blocks that Burning can break be Ice Blocks (I mean, they even look like ice). Stone elemental blocks could be Metal Blocks or even stakes. Cutter elemental blocks may be replaced by rope puzzles of sorts. Not exactly sure what to do about Needle and Spark though, especially since the former has minimal puzzle potential in the modern games. I guess Spark could use wires to open gates like in Robobot, if that's appropriate. Otherwise, it's possible that the elemental blocks could be updated (except for Burning's, which are literally just ice blocks). The Star system may have to be revamped so that there are more stars in order to fit the modern 100 stars=1UP vs only 7 stars. This would also make the bonus games somewhat less rewarding, but I don't feel like many people play those, and it may not be too big a deal. Goal Game will behave similarly to in KRtDL, as they're both virtually the same. Leaving an animal friend would be more like how it was in KDL3, and Propellers wouldn't force you to lose your animal friend upon contact. Boss Endurance could be replaced by The Arena, allowing you to pick your Copy Ability and animal friend, possibly with healing items between matches. And Extra Mode and a True Arena should also be added, however, I think it should be like KRtDL's extra mode instead of another Dededetour, Meta Knightmare, or something with Bandana Waddle Dee (this isn't his game for that). The game would also probably have cinematics for beating each level, as well as one for Dark Matter's entrance which is never shown in-game, instead, being told through the manual.

Issues. This game is likely going to contrast to the other modern Kirby games, even if it uses the same visual style and engine. This could go to a lack of content. While KDL2 has a similar amount of stages as the modern games, I don't recall them being particularly long; the first three levels only include 3 stages, excluding the boss, compared to KRtDL's 4 stage minimum (again, excluding bosses, as well as Dangerous Dinner, and we don't count areas like Another Dimension), and KTD and KPR following this, but also adding an extra stage in every level, if only to compensate for having 6 levels instead of 7 (again, not including Eternal Dreamland or Mind in the Program, as they're just final boss areas). Another issue is that there are only 7 Copy Abilities. Sure, there are up to 28 combinations, but they only perform single attacks, whereas the modern games have at least 20 standard Copy Abilities, each with a plethora of attacks. There are only 7 collectables, and while that makes sense for the game, it may seem somewhat underwhelming when compared to games where there are 100 or more standard collectibles (Energy Spheres, Sun Stones, Code Cubes), in addition to the newer collectibles which amount to 200 or more (Keychains and Stickers). While this game may be appreciated by those who have played the original, it may not be as appreciated by newer players.

Fixing issues. An idea that I've had is putting in Copy Abilities that weren't originally there in the first place, like Sword, or even Beam. However, if I add enough Copy Abilities, and possibly give them the modern move sets, that could end up making the animal friends obsolete, which is not something I want to happen exactly. There's also Burning, which hasn't made an appearance since KCC; I'm unsure if it'd be replaced with Fire here (but, if going by limited move sets, would utilize the burn attack instead of fire breath), or if it'd actually return, sporting its hat from KNiDL. There's a possibility of extending stage length or adding new stages, but I feel like that'd be straying too far away from the original. As far as collectibles, there should still be only 7 Rainbow Drops, but there should be at least one other type of collectible that appears in bulk, in which collecting them would result in a sort of bonus (challenge stages, Copy Ability/animal friend rooms). There's also the possibility of bringing back the KDL3 animal friends. This could be used as a way to add more stages to the game, by using content from KDL3; thereby, in a way, this game could be a sort of hybrid of KDL2 and KDL3 (but mostly centered on KDL2); although, then, we'd also have to model enemies from KDL3 at that point, if we want to stay faithful to that game as well.

That's really all I can think of at the moment in regards to a Kirby's Dream Land 2 remake. If you have any opinions or additional thoughts, things I may have missed, feel free to state them.

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