If you're coming in thinking there's content about a new Kirby game, you're going to be let down. I don't know anything concrete about a Kirby game to come, but that doesn't mean we can't dream or speculate. That's that this post is here for. I want you to post speculation for what the next Kirby game may be, or if not that, your ideas for a new Kirby game. It doesn't have to be entirely realistic, just don't go too far out of the realm of possibility. As for myself, I have my own speculated and wanted title. I intend to tell the speculated title at least; the "dream" title is a different story, and I actually have it posted on my user page. So, without further ado, let me begin.

Kirby games come out almost every year. There are a few that are skipped every now and then. Let's assume that the next Kirby game will come out next year, in 2016. Should it come out on said year, I'm brought to believe the game could be a successor to Squeak Squad. Kirby games have had some sort of 10, or 5, year anniversary thing. Nightmare in Dream Land came out 10 years after Kirby's debut, Triple Deluxe came out 10 years after Amazing Mirror, and Rainbow Curse came out 10 after Canvas Curse. While Super Star Ultra didn't come out 10 years after Super Star (the gap was 12 years), it wouldn't have been out of the realm of possibility that Kirby GCN would come out in 2006, 10 years afterwards; it could've been a late GameCube game or an early Wii game. Meta Knightmare Ultra also came out 5 years after Meta Knightmare, and the Squeaks returned in Mass Attack, 5 years after Squeak Squad. As 2016 would be the 10 year anniversary of Squeak Squad, it'd make sense that a successor could be made; even more so as the 3DS and Wii U both have touch screens. It could be put on Wii U to boost sales and have HD, or be put on the 3DS for a closer feel to the original and some 3D visuals. It could also be on both systems, but the chances are rather low. Sure, some eShop titles are on both systems, like Shovel Knight, but I don't think those games focused on HD quality or 3D visuals, instead going for gameplay, which still is a good thing. As for more things to make it like Squeak Squad, elements would be of higher focus. Fire can still melt ice and Ice and Water can cool fire, but Ice hasn't been able to freeze water in a "3D" Kirby game, nor has Spark been given the ability to interact with the environment in such ways outside of KsqSq. Another addition should be scrolls; made the game interesting. Spray paints would also be nice too; I like my Red Kirby, though that would beg the question as to how multiplayer would be affected. Hopefully it'll just result in the inability for multiple Kirbys to have the same color. There might need to be some default colors, those being Pink, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green. Multiplayer might also conflict with the bubble storage, but hopefully something can be done about that, like a particular button input or something. More ideas may come.

So that's my thoughts on a speculatory 2016 Kirby title. If you have any speculation or want to share any dream ideas, write those in the comments. As for my "dream" Kirby game, it is a sequel to Kirby Air Ride; click here to view it.