New Copy Abilities get introduced in almost every Kirby game. Some stick around for many games, while others may appear in only a few, and some in only one. Here are all of the Copy Abilities that have only appeared in a single game (not counting anime only, Final Weapons, K64 mixes, Super Abilities, etc.; excluding remakes and the new ones introduced in KPR)

  • Animal
  • Backdrop*
  • Ball
  • Balloon
  • Beetle
  • Bell
  • Bomb variants*
  • Bubble
  • Clean
  • Copy
  • Ghost*
  • Light
  • Magic*
  • Metal
  • Mini
  • Paint
  • Suplex*
  • Sword variants*
  • Water
  • Yo-yo

Backdrop and Suplex are effectively the same ability, so it's up to you if you want to count them as separate or the same for this case
While technically Bomb and Sword respectively, they do have differing properties, so this is also up to you
Ghost does reappear in Kirby Fighters (Deluxe), but not as a standardized Copy Ability
While Magic appears in both Amazing Mirror and Squeak Squad, I'm ignoring its appearance in Amazing Mirror due to its heavily different nature.

So, what's your favorite Copy Ability that's only appeared in one game that you'd like to see come back? I'll allow K64 mixes as well, should you have special attachment to any of them (I can predict a few). For me, I'd like to see Clean return. It only appeared in KDL3 (and in Kirby GCN) and I think it deserves more love. I also wouldn't mind having Magic, Yo-yo, Suplex, Water, and Ghost return, assuming Ghost gets revamped, making possession a more useful move, if possible.

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