Before anybody starts getting uber-excited, let me clarify: there is, so far, no confirmation that Paint is in the Kirby game for Nintendo Switch.

With Clean's, or more accurate "Cleaning"'s, reveal in the Kirby title for Nintendo Switch, it got me thinking. I know some people that would have liked it if Kirby 64 could be remade, with the side characters; Waddle Dee; Adeleine; and King Dedede; being playable. Waddle Dee could be replaced with Bandana Waddle Dee, and have Spear, and King Dedede could be Hammer, and people have had the idea that Adeleine could be the "new" Paint ability.I'd come up with the idea, however, that Ado could just act like a Sword move set, with some aesthetic changes of course. But then it hit me: a brush is kind of similar to a broom, so what if Paint ability acted like Cleaning Kirby (in the same manner that Poison act similar to Water, and Ice to Fire). To add some bulk to this, I guess I should compare some move sets.

For Fire and Ice

  • Fire Breath and Ice Breath
  • Spinning Fire Breath (Kirby's Return to Dream Land) and Ice Sprinkle
  • Fireball Inferno and Ice Storm
  • Burn and Ice Ball

As for their non-elemental moves they don't have in common

  • Fire has Searing Burn and Fireball Spin (and roll, and climb, and jump), and can aim
  • Ice can skate, block (and shatter), Super Ice Sprinkle, suck, and eject

For Water and Poison

  • Wave Attack and Sticky Toxin
  • Wave Surf and Toxic Slide
  • Geyser and Toxic Tower
  • Fountain Hover and Sticky Strike

Their non-elemental moves they don't share

  • Water can surf, has Water Crown, Rainbow Rain, and Enhanced Water Gun
  • Poison can tilt, breath Smog, throw Toxic Balls and can use Toxic Swamp

There are more comparisons I could make (like Whip and Yo-yo), but I'll leave those out, since they're not element-related.

We don't have much to talk about with Cleaning and Paint, since Cleaning's move set hasn't been unveiled yet (aside from some broom swipes and transforming into a rag with Nago riding him), so we can leave that up to the imagination for right now.

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