For those interested in the original, which should be read before this one, go here.

So, there was a theory that when Haltmann Works Company invaded Popstar, there were drastic changes to the landscape as a result, aside from mechanization; Nutty Noon was torn down for Revolution Road, White Wafers was melted for Overload Ocean, Onion Ocean was vaporized for Gigabyte Grounds, and Raisin Ruins was taken down in favor of Rhythm Route (or that the city was simply placed i the desert, like Las Vegas). I was a little concerned about the theory, given that I didn't like the idea of Popstar being permanently modified in such a drastic manner, but information appeared dictating that after Star Dream's demise, all the mechanization and planetary changes were reverted, so in the end, I decided the theory was worthwhile.... Until now.

It's still a great theory, no doubt about it, but there's something that I've learned that seems to put a bit of a wrench in the idea: OST. Original Sound Track for those that don't know. On Youtube, there are certain channels with the purpose of posting videos of video game soundtrack for people to listen to, and even download on their own. Some of the video titles have the official names of the soundtrack, whereas others have improvised names. I am convinced that the source I am viewing has the official names (at least some), given some of the names I've seen, as well as the translated ones on Miiverse.

The soundtrack for Gigabyte Grounds is called "Dinner Desert" (which fits with the giant forks with spaghetti noodles you find). This implies that it's a location that had already existed on Popstar, and not one artificially made. And besides, the is a place for harvesting oil; oil harvesting can be done off-shore with oil rigs, and I'm pretty sure Haltmann doesn't care much about the environment (also, "extreme global warming"). So, what I really mean to say is, I don't think Onion Ocean was vaporized, creating Gigabyte Grounds, nor do I think White Wafers was melted to create Overload Ocean (at least, not all of it). I believe now that perhaps Dinner Desert is a sort of desert island in Onion Ocean, in contrast with the tropical ones. Of course, it was still used for oil. Overload Ocean could be an ocean in the White Wafers area. Probably adjacent to Onion Ocean.

That's all I have for the update. Any opinions on the new information can be here. Opinions on the geography ideas as a whole, please put those on the original post as linked below.

Planet Popstar Geography

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