Recently I've gone back to the Kirby Fighter games to get some pictures that I wanted added for quite a while. One of the things I've thought about is the rare outfits. I, as well as other people, have thought about having more than one new outfit per ability. Seeing as my profile page was completely empty, I decided to put a little bit of myself into it. I made a table depicting my ideas for different rare outfits based on difficulty. For my sake, I made the current ones earned through easy difficulty. For example, Sword Kirby could earn a Sword Knight helmet (could be green or purple, I don't care), a Gigant Edge helmet, and a Meta Knight mask complete with eyes, shoulder guards, and Galaxia. One of Beam's hats could be Mirror's. Ninja's could take Waiu's costume (that midboss in KDL2 that gave cutter), and Beetle could use Bugzzy (he's not a horned beetle, but who cares). I'm missing a few slots though, mainly with Beetle and Bell. If anybody has any ideas, feel free to suggest some. Just make it logical

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