Previously I discussed a possible idea for the new Kirby game; now that it's out, we have more to work with (in a way, I guess). While I'm a little disappointed that my Squeak Squad successor idea is not coming to fruition, I can't be upset with what's coming. Kirby can ride in a mech suit, and old abilities like Jet and UFO are returning, along with Smash [Bros.]. The amiibo feature is also kind of neat, how some can grant specific abilities, notably Link granting Sword, as well as Mario giving Fire. I'm guessing that, with Doctor being a new ability, Doctor Mario might grant said ability too; I'm hoping for more possibilities, and we might have to add that to a page if applicable. So, what Copy Abilities are you excited for that have been revealed, and which ones do you still want in? There are 21 revealed that we know of, and the game says more than 25, so there won't be many left, but let's allow our imaginations to flow. I'm definitely interested in the new abilities, especial ESP, which we know next to nothing about. I'm very happy with the return of UFO (10 years after Squeak Squad), however I'm a bit bothered that it may be amiibo exclusive, like Smash Bros. I'm very much excited for Meta Knightmare Returns (but probably no Meta Knightmare Tropical Freeze; you know who you are), because who doesn't want to be Meta Knight? I'm wondering if Galaxia will still be able to solve all puzzles, and what new moves will be in his kit, should that be the case. A chargeable Sword Beam would be nice, maybe a little Mach Tornado and stuff like that; please retain the shuttle loop too. Now, onto the other content. I don't know what Kirby 3D Rumble is, so if anybody does, please tell or show me a video. As for Team Kirby Clash, I'm definitely looking forward to. It may just be a team of Hammer, Doctor, Sword, and Beam, but it still looks fun, especially with the live action role play aspect to it, or whatever you call it. Hopefully we can get some damage numbers from it. I hope there's also a mechanic like that in-game; Metal General made it pretty nice. If they incorporate damage numbers into something like the Tough Waddle Dee, I'd be very pleased.