This is my opinion, this is what I think of this. Kirby RPG. I'm not talking about a future Kirby game, I'm not talking Kirby Quest, I'm talking about the thing in our forums. It was most certainly a good idea and it had potential, but now I'm not really liking it. Seems like that happens to a lot of ideas I come across that other's have come up with. The first one, I probably approve of the most. A simple system with reasonable restrictions. Each character is comes up with 3 attacks, each with varying effects. Some are powerful single strikes, while others are a spread shot, hitting multiply foes but not doing as much damage to single foes or in general. Some attacks also have power to them, but require a recharge. Some attacks also have other effects, such as healing or the occasional status alteration. However, the problem came with devotion. As more people join, more people had to be kept track of: attacks had to be viewed, damage recorded, and so forth. Some people were inconsistent with then they responded, making turns take a while. We want things fair, but it can't always be such. It would be unfair to skip someone's turn because he/she couldn't respond due to variables out of his/her control; but it would also be unfair to keep the rest waiting just because of one person's issues. With consistency not really there, problems occurred. Eventually someone made another RPG, more or less in spite of the original, not appreciating the rules and what not. So another was made, practically rule-free, which is also a problem. Rules are made for a reason: to keep things as they should. I could've joined the RPG, but I didn't. If I did, I probably would've gone out of my way to outright break it due to there being no rules; and that wouldn't be fun for anyone else. Now a third one has arisen, and I was skeptical at first, but now I see where it's going... not the right way in my opinion. Story is okay, sure, but I don't think that's really going to add motivation, especially with how long it's going to go for, just to even get through the first enemy round. Games are meant to be enticing, have something to do. This seems too slow for that. As for it, the story is a bit tacky in my opinion, but I won't tack off points just yet. Here's what bothers me. The fact that each character has a max of one move until leveling up a certain amount is not appreciated by me. We need variety, not stale moves. Also, enemies. I'd think Shadow Dedede and Dark Meta Knight would be serious business; they're not. They have 10HP, half a player's starting HP. Also, Shadow Dedede's first and seemingly only attack missed and resulted in self-injury, KOing him. That's not how misses work in RPGs. As for it, there's also a "time-waster" attack that needs to be added to the move-set. We don't need an attack for it, just make it a "skip" and leave it, or don't include it at all. Some RPGs don't even have turn skips. Also, enemies also have this quality, with Dark Meta Knight mindlessly shining his shoes and the Shadow Kirby opponent not having any attack power at all. All enemies need attack power, even starter enemies. This is just upsetting in my opinion. It's a rant, I know, but it bothers me, and I'd like it to be done with. Heck, a "Triple Deluxe" wiki exists. The information was all wrong, almost not related to the game at all. The only things from the game were the enemies. Nothing else. So, I went out of my way to make edits on that wiki to make it accurate to this one... with a few things left out. Fortunately for me, that wiki is inactive besides myself and my actions can't be called vandalism because I was putting up correct information, all the while completely altering the wiki outright. That's what I do to things I don't like/care about. I will manipulate things if I can. That's enough of me ranting, I'm done.

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