So, it's about time I finally made a blog. Been kinda empty here, so I decided to use it. Somehow still has more content than my user page. Need that done; but that's all aside from the point. Since both of the new Smash Bros. games are out, I felt like we should talk about that for a bit. Whenever a Smash game comes out, characters are wanted. Some are fulfilled, others not. Some wanted characters are realistic, others, not-so-much; that not-so-much includes characters not related to Nintendo (excluding select 3rd party characters who are worthy), characters not even in video games, or characters that exist only in your imagination, or maybe a little bit more than such, like in internet role plays or something. I myself used to role play, but that came to an unfortunate stop. I'll give details if you ask. Now, back on topic, there are characters people want, and I want to know what characters you'd like in the game that aren't included. You can choose realistic characters, non-Nintendo ones, made-up ones, etc., I don't care which. Here are some Kirby examples that I've come up with:

  • Galacta Knight (developed full move set)
  • (Bandana) Waddle Dee
  • Prince Fluff
  • Dark Meta Knight
  • Magolor
  • Kirby Copy Abilities

I have yet to develop move sets for the others, besides Dark Meta Knight, but I only have his neutral special and final smash, as I don't want to make clone characters. As for Galacta Knight, he's effectively done, but some opinions would be nice. Here's what I've got for him:

  • Neutral Special: 3-phase charge attack. As the name implies, it is a charge attack that changes depending on the phase it is in, similar to Robin's Thunder. First phase will initiate the Spin Slash. He can move horizontally while performing this, but can't change direction if he does. It hits multiple times instead of a single, more powerful strike. If performed in midair, I'm undecided on: either it'll act like normal, albeit descending, or it'll act like Twister Slash. Look on Sword Kirby's page if you don't know those moves. Second phase is the shockwave attack he can do in KSSU. It'll go a set distance and will produce a star upon hitting a wall. The shockwave will be it's size in KSSU, as shockwaves are smaller in KRtDL. Getting hit at the base does horizontal knock-back and the top does diagonal knock-back. The base does more damage and knock-back though. This move goes through fighters instead of stopping after a single hit. The third phase will be used automatically upon being reached. It's the ground twister. It acts similar to the Ore Club's tornado, but is a strong, single hit with upward knock-back, is much taller, and goes a farther distance.
  • Side Special: Sword Beam. Any beam coming from a sword, I consider a sword beam, so don't correct me by calling it Knight Beam if I call it Sword Beam. This has two variations that I want some opinions on as to which you prefer. Version 1: on the ground he can use 3 of the sword beams, going forward and up. In the air, it alternates between 4 or 5 of them, going forward and down. Version 2: Galacta Knight can charge 1-5 of them regardless of whether he is on the ground or not. The beams' initial positions will remain the same as previously.
  • Up Special: Spinning Slam. In KRtDL, he could perform the Sword Spin, but would do it rapidly, descend, and slam down, creating a shockwave. This will work the same, but has horizontal distance added, like Final Cutter. It goes higher than Final Cutter and is full surround, but can only grab ledges on the way down. Can't be cancelled like the Super Dedede Jump.
  • Down Special: Counter. I know this is kind of typical, but it was the best I had. He pulls up his shield. Anyone who hits it will be rapidly slashed and then knocked away by a stronger slash that produced a sword beam (crescent variant). This can be aimed slightly to hit nearby opponents. If Galacta Knight is not attacked, the combo will not be initiated. If the opponent is not in the attack area after striking (typically happens with vertical moves being countered), the rapid slash will be replaced with just the powerful one so that he's not left too vulnerable afterwards.
  • Final Smash: this is undecided, so opinions are wanted. They are: Sword Beam Storm, Lingering Flames/Ground Lightning, or Energy Whip. The Sword Beam Storm has Galacta Knight going to the background and summoning many sword beams to rain upon the arena (more than 12, which was his max in KRtDL). The player can input left or right to determine the direction from which they fall, or so no/vertical input to have them go strait down. Lingering Flames (KSSU)/Ground Lightning (KRtDL): Galacta Knight summons them from the bottom of the screen, in which they rise to the top. He will do it 3 times: once in the middle, once at the sides, and once spread around. The order can be decided by directional input. Up input is the middle, side input is the sides, and down input is the spread. That is the default order, but can be changed. One can't be repeated. Energy Whip: Version 1-goes to the center screen and pulls out the whip. It rotates 450 degrees, going clockwise or counter clockwise, depending on directional input. Version 2: pulls it out like last time, but the player has control over it moving, stopping, and direction, but has a time limit/number of rotations instead of version 1's restrictions.

Wanted characters: Here are some characters I would like in Smash Bros., but I know are an impossibility (for the most part as of now)

  • Minecraft player (Steve)
  • Castle Crasher Knight (one of the 4 main ones)

That's that for now. Tell me your character ideas, possible move set thoughts (specials are what I care about most), and your thoughts on the Galacta Knight in progress.

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