Even MORE Smash Talk (because, why not?)!! So, it's been about a week, and I want to continue the "series." Last we talked about wanted (Kirby related) characters, move sets, and what not. This session, I want to talk about items and assist trophies. Assist trophies are characters nonetheless, but very simple, making them easier to make. The Kirby series is quite lacking as far as items and assist trophies are concerned, with only 2 AT, Knuckle Joe and Nightmare, and 3 items, the warp star, the star rod, and the curry. So, what're your ideas on possible Kirby related items, or maybe not kirby related items. Doesn't even have to be related to a specific game, it can be its own thing, like the laser shooters and beam swords. As for it, I don't have the most ideas at the moment, as it hasn't been my priority as far as Smash imagination goes. As for it, I had to think of at least one item, so I chose the rainbow sword. It has the ability to reflect projectiles upon swinging it, and it swings twice instead of once, making reflecting easier. I also decided to put in the team cannon, because KFZ is a great game. The team cannon will only be available in team matches though, similar to the healer. However, due to complications since 8-player is a thing, the cannon can only be manned by 2 max, not 3, not 7. Seriously, imagine that thing with 7 characters all huddling behind it. But that laser would probably be massive; almost not worth doing though, because of time.

So, tell me what you think about my ideas and give me your own ideas if you have any.

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