I had a bad weekend, but I'm not going to elaborate on that here, as this isn't a place for ranting. So, let's get to it. Last one was a little later than a week from the first, so this will be a bit earlier to compensate. Now... <insert previous intro here>; because, nobody will suspect anything. So, for this blog post, I will be discussing a bigger topic. This time, it's stages. For the first game, the stage was Dream Land. It had its pros and cons; pros: it could be played on for tournaments. Cons: it was the only tournament legal stage, and, being tournament legal, it doesn't have much action to it. In Melee, this stage was revamped, with Apples, falling Star Blocks and Bomb Blocks, and Whispy being able to blow whichever way. It has a decent amount of action. Along with it, we got the Dream Spring. While not super action-packed, it did have a beautiful atmosphere. In Brawl, the new stage was the Halberd, in all its glory. Given the supreme graphics that Brawl allowed, it was spectacular. While most of the fight is pretty standard, when you arrive on the ship itself, things get interesting. Shells are being shot, laser cannons are being aimed, and there's that outstretching arm that nobody seems able to dodge. It had quite the action. Now, in SSB4, there have been leaks* of many stages. While The Great Cave Offensive was confirmed, many others weren't be it because they were repeats from the 3DS version (which made the leak* pretty suspicious, at least in my case), or stages that I just didn't see happening. There was no Patch Land, but we did get Wooly World. Cookie Country is a no-go, but we got it's adventurous music in the playlist. Custom stages were added in Brawl, and return in SSB4 with new features, but also some removed features, but we'll talk about custom stages in another blog post. So, tell me, what stages would you like to appear in a Smash Bros. game? It can be realistic or maybe not-so-much. Provide with what you'd like, and tell me a bit about it. Potential hazards or events to spruce up the battle, make it less plain. I, myself, do not have a stage in mind that I want in, but I'll think about it later, maybe edit this for such.

*Not actually a leak, as proven false later.

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