I'm hoping I can get more input on these, I'm not getting much. So, I've talked about character additions, assist trophies and items, stages, and custom stages. This time, I want to talk about custom moves. Custom moves were a fine addition to the game, but it isn't without its problems. For one, you can't play custom fighters without equipment. Using equipment alters stats, and some people (such as myself) would prefer to play custom characters (such as Palutena) without them. Miis are the only ones that can do such, or you could just have a custom character without equipment, but that could be annoying or just no fun. Clones are another problem. There's Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, and Lucina. While having clones is kind of okay with me, I'm disappointed that they're still clones in the custom moves department, and that there were no different custom moves to allow them to stand out a bit more. I'm not going to rant much though, as I should probably talk about some positives. For starters, Mario's fireball can be made faster, and his FLUDD can now do damage by using custom moves. Luigi can shoot ice balls (although I'm not sure how worthy that is), which was probably based on the Ice balls from NSMB Wii. Peach can use Toad as a standard weapon instead of a counter. Bowser can shoot his fireballs. It goes on. One that I want to talk about in particular though, is Samus. Her standard special, the charge shot, is great as it is. The custom moves with this are a more powerful shot or a melee shot. The melee shot I do like, but the more powerful one doesn't seem worth it because of its double negative: slower and less range. Some custom moves I feel could replace these would be her other beams from Super Metroid/Metroid Prime. There's the Wave Beam, the Ice Beam, and the Plasma Beam, along with the Spazer should anyone care. The Wave Beam could use the jagged motion and stun opponents, the Ice Beam could freeze opponents, as if that wasn't obvious, and the Plasma Beam could be more powerful and be a piercing shot, but with lesser range or longer charge. As for Missiles, the Ice Spreader combo would be cool. For the down special, they could've done the Power Bomb. It's even in Smash Run. They did add a big bomb though, but I don't think it's too worth it. As for the final smash, people complain the the Zero Laser is odd as it doesn't appear in a Metroid game, sort of like Luigi's Negative Zone or various other final smashes. As a response to that, perhaps a "more preferred" final smash could be Wave Buster or Flame Thrower combo, or perhaps the Hyper Beam from Super Metroid. Now, lets get to Kirby. I like the Ice Breath, but I feel it should have more range and it's freeze potential should be higher. The hammers could use a bit of work too. One could be Melee's hammer, where you'd spin in midair instead of the horizontal swings. The Giant Hammer, although unwieldy, probably came from Squeak Squad. As for Stone, the Meteor Stone sounds cool, but it's not actually worth having in my opinion. Meteor smashes are good for knocking people into pits, and given your high velocity, Meteor Stone could be suicidal. Something like Mega Stone would be nice. Meta Knight: I'm very glad they added a Galacta Knight and Dark Meta Knight palette to Smash. I use the Galacta Knight color very often. Good to know the update buffed him, as I think they may have nerfed him too much between games. It would've been nice to see his moveset change a bit, as it seems to be exactly the same as Brawl, aside from the Glide removal and the finisher move after standard combos. His custom moves allow for more shield damage, which is cool, but it seems nobody really shield my attacks as often as I'd hope for this scenario. I also can't hit people with the Lazy Shuttle Loop, but it's supposed to be more powerful. I do like the fast drill though. His final smash though. I'd personally like him to utilize the ground twister move. There's more I could talk about, but that'd be too much for now. Tell me what you guys think about custom moves, which ones you like, which ones you don't, any custom move ideas you may have in mind.

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