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    It was a peaceful day in the Popopo islands in Dreamland. The loveable pink puffball was on vacation here and was taking a nap in a clear field. Then he awoke to the sound of evil laughter. The laughter was coming from Necrodeus, the leader of the skull gang. His plan was the plunge the world into darkness. Kirby, having beaten so many villians, thought it would be easy to beat this foe. But he was wrong.......Necrodeus blasted Kirby with his wicked magic and spilt him into 10 copys of himself! Necrodeus quickly defeated the smaller Kirby's untill there was one left............

    " head.....What happened?!" Said the small Kirby.

    " Oh good your awake." said his heart. " I thought you were dead like the ot…

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    Hey just an update on my soon to be fan-fic. My friends and I have wrote some of chapter 1, but my time on computers is limited so it might be a bit before the Fan-Fic is out. I'm also looking for O.C Kirbys/ Knights as well. If you want a O.C of your in my Fan-fic, just message or comment me and tell me about your O.C.

    Kirbygal4455 22:58, April 12, 2012 (UTC)Kirbygal4455

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    Kirby #1: Bossy, also the leader.

    Kirby #2: Careful, Caring, and the co-leader.

    Kirby #3: The one who's sent out to do everything first.

    Kirby #4: Small, awesome, adventureous, and brave.

    Kirby #5: Lazy and sleepy.

    Kirby #6: Rude, shelfish, loves to make fun of the other Kirby's.

    Kirby #7: Confused and kind.

    Kirby #8: The scaredy cat.

    Kirby #9: Dumb, nice, and tough

    Kirby #10: very, very, VERY gullible

    These are the 10 parts of the hero Kirby. They each only have a fraction of Kirby greatness. But, how can they destroy the darkness without destroying each other first? This is the start of my new Fan-Fic. Kirby Mass Attack: Fate of the worlds. Come read it when you have the time!

    Kirbygal4455 23:29, April 5, 2012 (UTC)Kirbygal4455

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