Kirby #1: Bossy, also the leader.

Kirby #2: Careful, Caring, and the co-leader.

Kirby #3: The one who's sent out to do everything first.Kirby mass attack 2

Kirby #4: Small, awesome, adventureous, and brave.

Kirby #5: Lazy and sleepy.

Kirby #6: Rude, shelfish, loves to make fun of the other Kirby's.

Kirby #7: Confused and kind.

Kirby #8: The scaredy cat.

Kirby #9: Dumb, nice, and tough

Kirby #10: very, very, VERY gullible

These are the 10 parts of the hero Kirby. They each only have a fraction of Kirby greatness. But, how can they destroy the darkness without destroying each other first? This is the start of my new Fan-Fic. Kirby Mass Attack: Fate of the worlds. Come read it when you have the time!

Kirbygal4455 23:29, April 5, 2012 (UTC)Kirbygal4455

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