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    Epic Yarn

    April 22, 2011 by MagicalChez

    OK, it's not theat Epic Yarn isn't fun. it is. BUT it doesn't go along with the other kirby games, and it pisses me off. it's like someone made a game, didn't think it would sell, and re-skinned it with Kirby to sell more. And there's too much foucus on Kirby being cute. He's adorable, we know, don't exploit it! it looks like a little kid's game (which it isn't) there's a narrorator who's voice kinda creeps me out for some reason... and EVERY TIME you defeat a boss, he says "and then the magic yarn shimmered and sparkled in the sky, and sewed two pieces of patchland together!" OK, we get it, it's magic yarn you don't have to use the same cutscene every time!! annoying!! X(

    and it's not a kirby game if you can't coppy abiliaties! canvus curse wa…

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