OK, it's not theat Epic Yarn isn't fun. it is. BUT it doesn't go along with the other kirby games, and it pisses me off. it's like someone made a game, didn't think it would sell, and re-skinned it with Kirby to sell more. And there's too much foucus on Kirby being cute. He's adorable, we know, don't exploit it! it looks like a little kid's game (which it isn't) there's a narrorator who's voice kinda creeps me out for some reason... and EVERY TIME you defeat a boss, he says "and then the magic yarn shimmered and sparkled in the sky, and sewed two pieces of patchland together!" OK, we get it, it's magic yarn you don't have to use the same cutscene every time!! annoying!! X(

and it's not a kirby game if you can't coppy abiliaties! canvus curse was pushing it by not being able to inhale. (it's still was awesome though!!) there are some pretty stupid things about Yin-Yarn too. first, non-threatining name. I mean, really? after you've had Nightmare, DarkMind, Marx, etc... and he barly follows the moves that are tradital for Kirby bosses, and he doesn't come back the same way. second, he has a sock pendant and in the end, they whent to great lengths of cheesyness when Prince Fluff pulled out a sock identical to Yin Yarn's and said, "...every sock has a pair!" really? really? and while i'm on Prince Fluff... again, what's with his name? i mean, he's one pice of string, he's not really that fluffy. And it's weird, in most Kirby games player 2 is the yellow Kirby.

i don't mean to be a hater or something, it's still fun, but some things i wanted to point out

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