Everyone has heard that the plot for the upcoming and closely guarded Kirby Wii, involves King Dedede stealing Kirb's warpstar , not to mention the giant robot boss in the videos has the portly King's Peace sign logo on its chest, this raises some questions.

Will King Dedede finally be the de facto villian of a new game, or will he simply be controlled or trying to actually help Dreamland as usual, with Kirby being the headstrong pink puffball that he is, simply beating him up with no questions asked?

If he really is returning to his villian roots, that would be a breath of fresh air, because he hasn't been the main villian since Kirby's Adventure/NiDL and considering he was actually HELPING Popstar in that game, he hasn't done anything entirely greedy or somewhat villianish since the VERY FIRST GAME!. So after almost 20 years, the question is this; Will Dedede finally get his bad guy limelight back from the likes of Zero and Dark Matter, after being on the sidelines for so long?

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