Imagine this...

The year is 2040. Mankind has proceeded not much in their technology pursuit. In fact, we're no better off than we are right now, in 2013.

The economy is great, and politics have been greatly reduced (don't ask me how, I'm not from the future). As such, wars have become completley non-existent. The Kirby series as we know it has been destroyed, stopped after the release of Super Smash Brothers 4: FIGHT!, in which Nintendo layed off all the workers at HAL. The event sparked controversy, but Nintendo was firm. No more Kirby.

You, a massive Kirby fan, are saddened by Nintendo's decision. You go on in our life knowing that there will be no more Kirby games, that the games you have now will be treasures in the years to come. You were angered at Nintendo, but that anger has turned into a neutral state.

You have an awesome family, (x amount) of kids. Your making good money and are in for a promotion soon. In fact, there's no possible way your life can get better. One day, you're going back home for work at about 11:00 PM, when suddenly a strange portal opens in front of you. You're on a back road, so there's no one to witness the events that are about to unfold. You initially can't see what is inside the portal but you certainly hear a lot of strange sounds. Suddenly, the portal flashes with an intense light, and it makes a VrrrVRRRR sounds. The portal seems to be flashing with a very set pattern. When your eyes finally adjust to the intense light, all you can see inside the portal is what appears to be grass and some trees.

When your eyes fully adjust, you can see bushes and trees. You pull a rope out of your trunk and wrap it around yourself and to your car. If you get stuck in some Alien world, you want to have your car. It's really nice. When you enter the portal, another bright light emits and your eyes need to adjust again.

When they do, you look behind you and see your car, along with the back road you were on. When you look forward, you see a long grass plain ahead of you. You begin to walk forward, looking at the sky. You almost walked off of the cliff, but when you managed to see it just in time, what you see at the bottom of the hill amazes you.

" cant be!" you say in amazment.

Your on Popstar! Your eye instantly catches onto Kirby running in the fields below you, and the Halberd in the far off distance. You also see the fields dotted by the occasional Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo along with other denizens of Popstar. You can also see King Dedede's castle in the distance. You don't get too relax for too long though, as you can see that that everything in the world is becoming larger. It dosen't take long for you to realize that you're turning into a Kirby! You look back at the portal. It's getting smaller. Your chance at escape is slipping away through your now pudgy little fingers. What do you do?

Do you exit the portal, leaving behind the world of Kirby?

Or do you stay, thinking you may have been brought here for a specific reason?

(I have no idea how to make voting systems, other than the POLL system, but that wouldn't work)

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