Hey guys! Its been awhile since i've made a post here...(eh, not really that famous here anyhow) but i've also been storming up ideas for a new fan-story called, Return Of Zero. Again, this story does not follow canon WHATSOEVER! Like, at all. Anyhow, im planning to upload part one of "The Rise Of Olive" sometime in the coming months (as the written story, so stay tuned if you wanna see that story) But heres the basic outline of Return To Zero. (This one is MUCH longer so if ya wanna have a seat or something be my guest)

Story One: Leftover elements of Dark Matter search for their leader, Zero, amongst the wreckage of Dark Star. They find him, then sacrifice themselves (there were only four Dark Matter left in Gamble Galaxy) to revive Zero. After his revival, he takes over the nearest star, Neo Star. He first produces more Dark Matter, then infests the planet, creating another Miracle Matter, and of course more Dark Matter. After that, he destroys the planet. During that, on the Planet Popstar, Kirby is standing on a cliff looking at the sunset. Meta Knight teleports behind him, grabs him, then teleports to the Halberd. He explains to Kirby that King Dedede has stolen all the food (again) and Kirby needs to get it back. So thats just what he does! Meta Knight boots him out of the Halberd and he lands on Mt Dedede...

King Dedede suprises Kirby by jumping out of one of those picture things he has on the walls of his castle. Just before DDD can strike, Dark Mind appears! Meta Knight and Kirby fight him while DDD wanders away, finding a cave then eating some food.


Zero had gained some freak immunity to the Crystal Shards in one way or his next order of buisness was to stealthily infest Ripple Star. Zero suprises Ribbon, who was somewhat aware of the attack, so she stabs him with a shard. Zero is injured, but he then posses Ribbon. With the Crystal Shard out of the way, Zero launches a full scale invasion on Popstar.

In a nod to the anime, Meta Knight notices the Dark globe coming towards Popstar. He mesages the Star Warriors and they say they will be there right away. The battle is on between Star Warriors and Dark Matter!

Finally, its the final confrontation between Zero and Kirby. Zero attempts to use Ribbon as a type of Fairy Shield, but it dosent work. Kirby manages to suck the darkness out of Ribbon, then he quickly spits it out. Ribbon summons the Shard Gun, but Zero taunts them saying it wont work against him. Kirby grabs the nearby Star Rod, and when the two weapons meet, they instantly form into the Star Gun. With that, Zero is defeated and everyone lives peacfully!

TIMELINE: Sometime After K64 and KATAM.

So, thats story one. Story Two revolves around Dark Minds origins, and how Shadow Kirby helped create him. This one is even less canon

Story Two:

Shadow Kirby discovers Dreamland for the first time. He explores it and finds Whispy Woods, and he compares him to King Golem. He then sees Kracko, and...well he thought he was Kracko. The more Shadow Kirby spent in the "real" world however, was creating an evil being in the core of Mirror World. Finally, after about an hour or two of searching, Shadow Kirby finds a mirror and he heads back inside, back to Mirror World. He goes to his house, located in a cave, and he goes to sleep.

A Waddle Doo drags him out of bed the next morning shouting that he has to see something. What Shadow Kirby sees confuses him. Its a giant white sphere with a blood red eye (no pupil) destroying Mirror World. He heads for Sunlight Mansion, and ignites it, killing the inhabitants inside. The Sphere (Cero{spanish for Zero}) then bathes it in an eternal darkness, planning to make it its future home. Cero spots Shadow Kirby and Waddle Doo and disentergrates Waddle Doo. Shadow Kirby runs away in fear.

Anyhow, Shadow Kirby finds a prophecy that shows the real Kirby fighting off Zero, Dark Matter and Nightmare. All these glyphs confuse Shadow Kirby, excluding the one with Kirby and Zero. Kirby is using the "Love-Love Stick" so Shadow Kirby thought he should look for something like that. He eventually returns to Moonlight Mansion and finds it infested with ghosts, and all the burnt bodies caused by Cero. He finds all four pieces (left heart, right heart, top rod, bottom rod) and unites them to create the "Mirror Love-Love Stick". The heart is a vibrant red, with the rod being a dull gray color. Cero is seriously hurt in the battle, and he retreats....


Shadow Kirby had not seen Cero since their fateful battle.However, he HAD noticed the emergence of a new supervillain...Dark Mind. One day, Shadow Kirby managed to catch a glimpse of these infamous villain. Dark Mind turned, but when he did his robe slightly lifted up. When Shadow Kirby looked into the robe, something else looked back at him...Cero.

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