Theory Post: After just noticing the brand new "Non-canon" stickers applied to our second favorite Knight, Galacta Knight, and re-reading the page, I noticed an interesting segment of the page that said, "While Galacta Knight's existence may be canon, none of the events in which he has appeared are canon, as the Meta Knightmare sub-games and The True Arenas are not canon."

Now, how can that happen? Completely ignoring the discussions that probably led to this decision of adding non-canon labels to Meta Knightmare sub-games, Marx Soul, and any variation of the Arena's, it got me really thinking about the canonicity of Galacta Knight's existence, which also ties into lovable little Magolor's statement about meeting someone who knew Kirby. But it can really be summed up into this; Magolor was not speaking about Galacta Knight, though this should have been obvious.

If we're taking the consideration that the True Arena's are not canon, then Galacta Knight would have never met Kirby, and in fact, would have never met Meta Knight either. This may imply that he doesn't actually exist at all in the "main timeline", but exists in other, alternative ones; strange ones, where Meta Knight goes on a journey to become the strongest warrior, or perhaps one where Kirby and possible company fight successive bosses in a row. However, if he does actually exist, then that means he technically hasn't canonically encountered our least, not yet.

Do I hear a potential main villain in a future Kirby game?

Galacta Knight is touted as the King of warriors, yet Kirby and others are able to fell him quite easily. A being that can supposedly destroy planets with ease, defeated by a pink puff and sometimes others. To me, this sounds like a potential build up for an actual, canon appearance by him later on in the series, because a being such as him does not sound like he would be so easily vanquished. We all know Kirby's tough, but being pitted against a Warrior such as this...seems pretty unlikely!

If there's one thing I don't like in video games, it's someone being touted as something great, indestructible, and godlike...and then easily being defeated in the next few minutes. This is kind of Galacta Knight in a nutshell, more so after you can "read" his movements and strategies. Reaching back to the earlier point of Magolor not speaking about Galacta Knight...well, I mean. Let's look at it this way. Galacta Knight is sealed inside of a crystal prison. And for most scenes where Galacta Knight is brought out, he looks unconscious before breaking out of his crystal shard. So I doubt Magolor just sat there and talked to a giant crystal for a couple moments. That's not even asking how Magolor would've even reached Another Dimension...though as we saw with Susie, it is possible to enter Another Dimension. If Magolor had contact with a variation of Star Dream or a Galactic Nova, it's possible he could've entered the realm and spoke with someone who had fought Kirby before, but whos "soul" hadn't moved on yet.

And no, I'm not saying Magolor was speaking to Marx. Magolor is the only one to have survived a fight with Kirby 'and' reform. (that we know of). That's also implying deceased foes reside in Another Dimension, but I'm not so sure about that. Also, I think we would've seen Galacta Knight's prison floating around in space comically.

However, if Galacta Knight truly does exist, then I imagine Meta Knight knows full well the dangers and actually knows he cannot beat him, at least in the "main timeline" where Kirby is the Hero. The versions we fight of Galacta may even be watered down versions for all we know! I'm just saying, an eventual reveal of Galacta Knight as a main villain somewhere along the line may happen.

tl;dr Do you think Galacta Knight actually exists? Or is he a "True Arena" only type of boss? One that exists outside the space-time of the Kirby story mode?

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