So i remember reading somewhere, not too long ago, that the Master Crown contained all the souls of previous Kirby bosses. While this is undoubtedly untrue, it raises more questions. When Magolor had the Master Crown, he was able to use most of every bosses abilities. So, one question would be that the Master Crown (obviously it has a mind of its own) could've possibly documented moves. However, this question is instantly debunked; unless the Crown could've observed Kirby fighting the other bosses, there was no way for this to happen.

Or, an even odder question; each and every villain stemmed from the Master Crown. This question is also unlikely, but probable at least. Considering the Master Crown itself was able to replicate almost every move from every Kirby boss, this question is supported. However, this would mean the Master Crown is essentially an evil factory-like entity. Also, unless Landia herself created these evil entities this theory is very unlikely. However, it is not stated when Landia got a hold of the Crown. An evil being could've had control of it prior to Landia's possession of it. However, why would the being create so many evil things?

And who, or what, was this being? So, the Master Crown didn't "learn" these moves from the villains, but also there is a slight chance, although still very unlikely, that the Master Crown did indeed create all the villains. (Only the villains who's moves are copied) 

Of course, there is one more theory. Everyone has noticed this by now, but Magolor has a third eye in his mouth. Excluding the black line running down the right side of him, the eye bears a striking resemblance to Zero/Dark Matter. (more resemblance to the latter, as it's outer eye is not blood red.) So, it could be possible that Dark Matter tainted the Crown before or during Landia's possession of the Crown. Of course, did Landia know? Or was she completely oblivious to this fact? And, if she knew, why would she take the crown? Obviously to keep it out of the hands of villains. 

However, the Crown has a mind of its own. Landia must've noticed that fact. And, why did it get suddenly evil when Magolor put it on? It clearly has a conscious. So, why did it not make Landia evil? The only time Landia might've used it for power is in the fight for the Crown during the Extra Game. Even then she didn't turn evil. But, Magolor did want to use it for taking over the universe, which might've influenced the Crowns decision making. Or, Landia knew how to control the Crown. But that raises yet ANOTHER question. Where did she learn how to control it?

Last but not least, Magolor Soul. Remove his two eyes, and move his mouth-eye up a little to create a Dark Matter look-alike. So, did Dark Matter actually influence the Crown in a way? Or, did the creators of the Crown create some kind of...failsafe? It is stated that Magolor Soul is a sad shell that is really just a manifestation of the Crown. If this is what the Crown really looks like, then could it have possible actually created Dark Matter? Or, did it create Zero? Personally, I think it (if it did create Dark Matter) created Dark Matter first, to perhaps carry on a legacy? Maybe Landia has had the Crown long before the events of Kirby's Dream Land, and the Crown created Dark Matter in a way of grieving or something. That Dark Matter escaped Landia and then be old. This initial Dark Matter may have grown to be Zero, which then created the Dark Matter of Kirby's Dream Land 2.

It also was stated that this initial Dark Matter was lonely and wanted a friend. Perhaps Zero created it and neglected to show it attention? When that Dark Matter died, perhaps Zero intended to take revenge and mass produced many Dark Matter. Im not even going to go over where Gooey came from.

Anyway, back on track. So, how does the Master Crown know the abilities of nearly every villain? Is it just coincidence? Please, write down your thoughts.

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