So, i was gonna post this on the talk page of Magolor, but thought it better suited to be posted here...

So, something that was said on the Trivia on the Magolor Soul page, got me thinking.

Here's something that was said along those lines... "Despite what his name actually says, Magolor is not undead"

Thats not the actual quote that was said, so dont go tryin to change it. I just couldnt remember the actual form of the sentence. Anyway, reading the words "Magolor Soul" and then reading "Undead" got me thinking REALLY hard. 

What if...the Magolor in Kirby's Dream Collection was actually a Zombie? Not the zombie that eats brains of course, but just a form of a zombie. Why? Well, here is my reasoning...

For starters, when the Master Crown collapses and destroys itself (and Magolor) a type of Ghost Magolor is seen soon after and then vanishes in a flash. Of course, he does appear in the cutscene Kirby Master and of course in the New Challenge Stages. Notable things is that he retains speaking and movement. So he's not completely a "Classic Zombie". Also, he also gets those new powers in the New Challenge Stages, which he may or may not have been able to use anyhow. 

Well, here goes. This paragraph is gonna be one hell of a longshot. Perhaps Magolor's species can revive themselves, or can mimic a Phoenix in self-reviving. In fact, remember his EX transition to Soul? Those fire runes do show up. And even in the Trivia in Magolor Soul it says that his coloration is gray, which may have been a result of him burning up. That supports this theory even more, because remember, ashes are gray in a way. So perhaps his species can do a reviving in a Phoenix type of way. Of course, when he attempted this form of reviving with the Master Crown on it took over his weakened form...and the rest is history. And then after the Master Crown was destroyed by Kirby in KRtDL he managed to revive himself and escape Another Dimension somehow before it collapsed on itself.

Its only the "escaping Another Dimension" part that really bugs me the most about my theory, as im sure it will too for you. He can move really fast in KDCSE, so that may explain how he got out quickly, although im not sure how he would be able to breath in space. Well, Kirby can breath in space (in some games, it seems) so perhaps all beings in Gamble Galaxy can breath in space. 

Well, this is possibly the most far out theory i have ever posted. Tell me your thoughts please!

-Meta Kirby52

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