After reading AdamGregory03's blog on Magolor for the upcoming 'SSB4 WiiU/3DS, I became inspired to create up a moveset for Marx! I think he'd be more likely than Magolor, but oh well. Here goes!


Entrance Animations

  • Marx falls from the top part of the screen, while on his ball. He slips off of it and the ball goes bounding off the screen. Marx gets up.
  • Marx enters from the side of the screen, walking.


Marx hops on his ball, similar to the Milky Way Wishes intro.

Marx pratfalls. As tripping has been removed from the game, it is a subtle reference to that fact.

Marx does a backflip, landing on his hat and does a twirl.

Win Animations

Marx looks at the screen and flashes an evil smile.

Marx balances on one foot and does twirls.

Marx transforms into his powered up version and flies off the screen.

Marx attempts to transform, but messes it up and ends up blasting himself off of the screen.

Lose Animations

Marx claps the two ends of his hat together.

Marx sits on the ground and has a pouty face.


As fast as Kirby from SSBB.

Is a light character, so he can be flung far easily.

His moves have a decent amount of kick to them.


Standard Special: Ball

Marx bounces on a ball three times, and each time he bounces his ball gains more height and power. The first bounce does 5% damage, the second does 10% damage, and the final bounce does 15% damage.

Up Special: Ball Bounce

Marx uses this as a verticle gain move. He bounces straight up on his ball, similar to Sonic's move from SSBB. Any contact made with the ball deals 12% damage. Marx can drop a total of three balls during this move, each one earning him less and less verticle gain. Each ball deals 12% damage, so this move can be effectivley used to treat Marx as a "bomber" type character.

Down Special: Hologram

Similar to Lucario's "Double Team" move, Marx can use a Hologram move. However, Marx does not hit the opponent. Rather, he teleports to a random part of the stage. The Hologram lasts for three seconds, and recharges in ten seconds. If he is not hit during the time period, then nothing happens, but the move still must recharge.

Side Special: Metal Ball Kick

Marx kicks a metallic ball towards his opponent. It does not go very far, but deals a whopping 28% damage. It also travels very slow, but has a very powerful knockback force.


Normal: Vulcan Kick

Marx strikes the opponent with his feet, at a very fast rate. It does an inital 8% damage, and then does 6% damage for repeated hits. Despite its weak power, it has a medium knockback power.

Up: Headbutt

Marx throws his head skyward, and deals damage to anyone above him. This move does 15% damage, but has very little knockback power.

Left/Right: Kick

Marx throws a kick, similar to Kirby's from SSBB (you know, like how he launches himself forward with his foot out?) It does 10% damage and has average knockback power.

Down: Sweep Kick

Marx flattens himself against the ground and circles around while sticking out one foot, dealing 3% damage to anyone in close proximity. Good for clearing out crowded areas. Weak knockback Power.

Smash Moves

Smash Up: Cap Strike

Marx's cap straightens up and hits anybody above him. Does 15% damage and has very good knockback power.

Smash Left/Right: Power Kick

Marx performs a powered up kick, with beams of energy and light emitting from his feet. He goes a little further than his normal Kick, and it does 16% damage. It has very good knockback power.

Smash Down: Cap Sweep

Marx rolls upside down and uses his cap to spin around, clearing out enemies in close proximity. His eyes turn to swirls when he performs this move, indicating that he is dizzy, but otherwise suffers no adverse side effects from this move. It does 16% damage and has very good knockback power.

Smash Ball

Marx turns into his powered up form. The background of the stage, (if the sky is showing, at least) will have Galactic Nova, the Sun, and the Moon fighting each other. Hitting "A" will make Marx drop spikes which grow near instantly. They do 25% damage. Hitting left/right "A" will perform a Wing Smack. It does 35% damage. While floating idly, Marx will laugh and his eyes will begin to bulge randomly. Hitting "B" while in his Smash form will make him do a screen-clearing beam move that does 50% damage. Doing this will instantly end Marx's transformation.

Smash End Animation

Marx flies into Nova and explodes. This only happens during a normal end transformation.

Marx fires his beam so hard that he launches straight into Nova, causing a brighter and wider explosion. The screen will be fuzzy and have a "shell-shocked" sound effect for a few seconds before returning to normal.

If there is some type of Storyline thing for SSB4...

Marx's role will be, at first, a hero. Over the course of the story it is revealed that he only wants to pretend to be a hero so he can gain the power of Nova. He does so, and transforms into Marx Soul which causes a boss battle (a plan which was devised by the main antagonist as a type of "test" for the Heroes). After this, Marx is defeated and vanishes. He can be unlocked after the story is beaten.

I would see why they wouldn't allow a storyline for SSB4...I would see how it would be hard to get the Wii Fit Trainer in the plot. But, fingers crossed!

Misc Stuff

Marx would have his own stage that he shares with Kirby. This stage takes place on a platform that flies around Pop Star, before launching itself up to Pop Star's moon. This, being a dynamic stage, would feature Nightmare in the background firing stars at the fighters. Before the plaform heads back to Pop Star, Nightmare is seen making a frightened face before humouresly getting hit by an asteroid. As the platform descends into Pop Star, an explosion can be seen. The next time the player goes to the moon, Nightmare will not be there, and instead the players would have to dodge asteroids. Galactic Nova can be seen floating around at times during the space section. The stage's name would be Pop Star. Note: This is not Kirby's only stage.

Classic Mode Cleared! Credits: Marx's theme song from SSBB.

Victory Song: Slightly remixed version of the Kirby one from SSBB

So, how about it? Does Marx sound like a good candidate for SSB4 WiiU/3DS?

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