File:Magolor Soul and Others.png
Well, i dont know exactly how to work the image placement and size, but here ya go. If that Green Kirby pic uploaded earlier, sorry 'bout that, just wanted to see how it would look on the screen. OK, so this is my first official fanart (I have made many others, but released none of them)

Yea yea, its not high calibre, nor does it have a background or any special FX at all. I made this image in the Paintbrush program for the Mac. Very simple program. As you can see in this image, Its Magolor Soul Vs. Kirby!

And Kirby is suprised, for some reason. If you have any constructive criticism or something, then let me hear it! As long as its helpful. Here are some features i was going to add, but I either couldnt, or attempted to:

Hands Reaching towards Kirby=Dont have enough skill to do that. :\

All four characters running towards the screen=I draw Dedede weird. In hindsight, i still should've done it. His beak just looks weird to me is all.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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