Hi Everyone! Been awhile since someone has posted a blog on the Wikia!

So, here I will list my most memorable boss fights. You are welcome to do so as well!

Marx Soul (The True Arena) KSSU: Oh please. Everyone can remember this baddy. Able to split himself into two in a gruesome attempt at trying to defeat Kirby, he truly is the Undead version of a once happy looking creature. I managed to defeat him in two tries. My second try, I launched a star at him just as he launched his spear shooting attack. Both of our health bars were left empty...whoever landed the hit first won the battle. A split second before my star hit the poor, undead Marx, I got caught and rapidly started taking hits. My health was literally empty when Marx Soul split in half and started his bloodcurdling scream. With that, I beat the True Arena, winning a truly intense battle.

Galacta Knight (The True Arena) KSSUAs Meta Knight, this supposed "Kirby from the Future" (I know he's not. But its a cool title, isnt it?) was easy to defeat. As Kirby...he was a little harder, with obvious reasons. First off, the Galactic Version of the Meta-Knights. They are difficult to inhale and most end up hitting Kirby before he can even begin to defend himself. Then, Galacta Knight's incredible speed. I had to crouch to avoid Galacta's attacks the majority of that round. A second before he began his Sword Mult-Stab attack, I managed to shoot a star at him, with less than a quarter of my health left. This was on my first attempt at defeating Marx Soul.

Arena Waddle Dee (The Arena) KSS/KSSU: A Boss fight list just wouldnt be complete without this cute little guy. Nigh impossible to defeat conventionally, it would be best just to inhale this guy. Believe it or not, I ran into this guy with a sliver of life left. He caused my death. He was the 6th on the list. 

King Dedede (Extra Game) Kirby's Dream Land: A weary Kirby, nearly drained of all his energy, looks restlessly at his final challenge. Tired, he sits for a couple of seconds, looking outside at the shining stars. He was on top of Mt. Dedede, the final challenge to Kirby's long quest. He had fought through Forests, Islands, and terrible, dreadfully powerful bosses. Each boss, harder than the last. With bruises covering his battered body, he puffs himself up and flies into a nearby potrait. With that, he wanders into a dark room. The lights flicker, and the room lights up. Dedede hops in front of the tired hero and smiles. With that, the fight for the safety of the citizens of Dream Land is on!

Maybe I over dramatized that a little bit. But Dedede is very hard in the Extra Mode for the original Kirby game. Fast, powerful and with a whole lot of life, one could think they should've made Masked Dedede this hard. Another close call for this one. Right about when he was about to land on me with his Super DDD Jump, my D-pad stopped working (this is after it had gone through the washing machine!) and I managed to get out as his foot nearly crushed me. That was intense. I instantly turned around and unloaded my star upon Dedede. And BAM! That was the end of Dedede! (Well, not exactly)

So, thats it! 

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