My first ever published short story!

YOU CAN SKIP THIS SHORT SUMMARY Triple Denden is named as such because it contains three stories. The first story, the one being told to you right now, takes place before and during KDL2, otherwise known as "ERA 1". The second story takes place shortly after K:64, otherwise known as "ERA 2". The third story,,.havent figured it out yet, other than the fact it takes place during "ERA 3" (obviously)

Triple Denden, Story One: Dark Matters.

Chapter 1: Bitterness

He was already plotting revenge. As King Dedede bitterly walked through the desert with his loyal Bandana Dee, he plotted up how to fight and defeat Kirby. His mind was dark, and the only thing he could think of was Kirby. This, of course was after Kirby launched King DDD out of his own castle. He thought out loud, "What should I do?" Every step he took, he smashed his mallet into the ground, with increasing force. Bandana Dee was getting worried. "King, shouldnt you try to take it slow? After all, you still are weak..." he started. King Dedede whipped around, staring the poor Waddle Dee in its eyes. "Oh, so your taking HIS side now?!" he demanded, rage clouding his judgement.

" King, I was merely suggesting that you should take a rest is all!"Bandana Dee stammered out.

"And give him MORE time to regain his strength?!" King DDD yelled. After he said this, he realized the fault of his manner, mentally saying I...I'm sorry.... He slowly began to walk away. Bandana Dee, with tears welling up in its eyes, undid its bandana and let the wind carry it towards DDD. Then, he ran in the other direction. King DDD caught the bandana, which caused him looked back. His companion was already long gone.

CHAPTER 2: Encounter

Now, with no castle left, King DDD moved to his least favorite (but closest) castle...The Ice Tower. With no one to talk to, King DDD began to mutter to himself, saying odd things. He realized that he was going insane, so he set out to leave the castle. But suddenly...

Something destroyed the roof! A single, floating eye met King DDD's bewildered gaze. DDD wiped his eyes in awe, and then wiped them again to make sure what he was seeing was real. What is that? King DDD thought. The eye, now slowly beggining to take form into something else, kept its eye locked firmly on King DDD. Finally, King DDD saw its True Form...a black sphere with tiny orange spheres surrounding the back of it. What is it? he thought again. " you want?" he asked.

"ME? WHAT DO I WANT?" the sphere now asked him.

"Y...yes" King DDD said, readying his wooden mallet.

"WHY...ALL I WANT IS A..." the thing began, "...IS A FRIEND."

What does he mean...a friend? He lowered his guard slightly, and then asked "What do you mean? A friend?"

"YOU. YOU WOULD BE A GOOD FRIEND" the sphere said, its eye changing size now and then.

"Me?! Your friend! Why thats the most RIDICU..." He stopped. He saw that the sphere began to...cry? He was confused, but then he realized something. Why...this thing looks very...powerful! Maybe...just maybe i could get it to defeat Kirby! then he immediatly remembered its tears.'ll probably be swept aside by the pink pudge ball..." King DDD thought about it, then agreed to be its friend, for now. It was overjoyed. "OH, THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME! THANK YOU!" the sphere said. After that, it instantly disappeared. Well, maybe this whole "friendship" thing will go easier than i expected DDD mused. He suddenly felt a strong earthquake, and he looked outside of The Ice Tower. He saw another, tremendous sized castle floating towards The Ice Tower. "THIS...IS YOUR NEW HOME, AS IT IS MINE. YOUR OTHER CASTLE IS RATHER...DRAB" the sphere said. King DDD was overjoyed! He noticed that the castle had at least seven doors on the outside, but he made a note to take care of those later...

Oddly, when King Dedede befriended the sphere, his rage over his defeat was lessened in a way. Over time, King Dedede cared less and less about getting revenge on Kirby, even though he still would've liked to defeat him someday.

Chapter 3: Rainbow Doomsday

Sometime Later...

It was a very dark and cloudy day when King DDD noticed four figures at a cliff outside of his castle. A lightning flash revealed a small pink circle. "Oh no, that cant be! Its...Kirby!" Why would he be coming after me? I have done nothing wrong! DDD began to panic. He rushed everywhere in his castle, sending soldiers out to try to delay Kirby. He then remembered someone; Dark Matter. Since their initial encounter, Dark Matter had revealed its name to King DDD, and a little more about what its own powers are. Supposedly, Dark Matter was one of the few of its species that could possess beings for an abnormal amount of time. It could also shapeshift. He ran to Dark Matters room and found him possessing a Waddle Doo. "HAHAH, LOOK AT ME!" Unfortunatly, once Dark Matter was done "playing" with the Waddle Doo, it immediatly disentergrated. IS THAT WHY THEY ARE COMING AFTER ME?! DDD was astounded at what his friend could do. "What else have you done?!" King Dedede asked Dark Matter "OH, SOME RAINBOW THINGS WERE DESTROYED, I JUST WANTED TO SLIDE DOWN THEM! THEN SOME PINK THING STARTED TO ANGRILY CHASE AFTER ME, SO I JUST FLEW AWAY!"   No no no! King DDD thought, THIS is why they are coming after me! Some infant Dark Matter was just trying to have fun, and THIS is what happens! Maybe i can tell Kirby he meant no harm...

He knew Kirby was going to the top of the castle. For some reason, Kirby assumed that the main villain would be at the top of every tall building. So, DDD waited at the top of his castle. Dark Matter floated next to him. "WHAT!? Hey you gotta get down! You have to HIDE!" King DDD said, startled that Dark Matter was beside him. When DDD said that, he heard Kirby climbing up to their position. "OK" Dark Matter said, happily. He went into King DDD's body.

"N..NO!...nnn...not!" King DDD said, struggling to stay awake. Kirby appeared behind King DDD.

I...i he blacked out then, and his lungs shut down.

When King Dedede's lungs shut down, parts of his brain was damaged. Specifically, his memory was affected the most. Any memory about his past interactions with Dark Matter, and part of his crippling defeat against Kirby was instantly deleted. He did, however remember that Dark Matter went into his body, posessing it. This caused his brain to process that Dark Matter was an enemy which, when King Dedede awoke, caused him to have an intense hatred for Dark Matter. When Kirby defeated Dark Matter, King Dedede cheered, not remembering that it was once his best friend...


<<Again, i repeat that this is my first ever published short story. Also, i wrote this all on here, and made no kind of rough draft. Yep, this was just one long run...anyhow, i hoped you enjoyed it (if not at least intrigued by it) 

Until Next Time!

-Meta Kirby52

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