Yup. It's that time again. It's time to waste your time, and my own, by theorizing about some stuff! Todays topic involves the mysterious Sparkling Stars (or Twinkle Stars, if you like that sort of thing) that first debuted in Kirby's Dream Land. Also, it's been awhile since I've written anything like this, so I'm incredibly rusty. Can't really remember the last time I picked up an old Kirby game to play, either. Well, let's dive right into the theory thing!

Let's start off with some basic questions.

  • Just what are the Sparkling Stars anyway?
  • Where did the Stars go?
  • Did the Stars give Kirby his powers?

So this first question is just a little review for those of you a little rusty about the lore behind KDL. They are said to be stars which aid Dream Landers in finding food. Which, okay, if that's the case, it's a little odd they haven't made an appearance in any other Kirby game...right? More on this later.

So. Sparkling Stars. There's confirmed to be five (?) of them, but the possibility of more existing out in the system of Gamble Galaxy is unknown. Anyways, King Triple-D decided to hog all the Stars, and he was probably planning some totally tyrannical system where he would have all the food, or perhaps he was just really, really hungry. Whatever the case, he had them distributed to his minions and that's when Kirby came around to wallop the stuffing out of the guy. At the end, all the Stars seem to just kind of be absorbed by the then-pasty white hero. For the sake of this theory, I am counting Spring Breeze as happening during a different timeline of sorts. I originally called it out as taking place after KDL, but upon further writing I realized that really screwed me over. Besides, why would a crowd of monsters and creatures be cheering on DDD if he was trying to make them all starve/if he wanted to hoard all the food?

Anyway, moving on to my next question; where did the Stars go? I mean, the Dream Landers really, really need them. You'd think that maybe in the background you'd have some Easter Eggs of Dream Landers following some Sparkling Stars and finding a cache of food...but strangely...there isn't anything like that. In fact, the Stars seem to have completely vanished. Well, if that's the case, surely everyone would have starved to death. However, it is entirely possible that the Dream Landers became independent and were forced to adapt to find their own food after the Stars presumably went missing.

I mean, surely they don't need help finding food anymore. Have you seen the amount of food Kirby happens to stumble across, in the strangest and sometimes most hidden of places? It's almost like he has a penchant for finding food. Like there's something inside of him that indirectly leads him to food...? Wait a second. This sounds familiar to something I was just talking about...

This leads us to the answers for the third question. I think it's safe to presume Kirby absorbed the Stars. which gave him the ability to copy his foes. But copying wasn't the only power the Stars gave him. I mean, have you ever looked at Kirby's little dance in the older titles? Those's a YouTube video linking to the "Evolution of Kirby's Victory Dance".


Those look familiar, don't they? Almost like...Sparkling Stars. Not only did they give Kirby his copy abilities, but they also gave him the ability to freaking clone himself, if only for short periods of time. Now I'll admit this doesn't happen in every Kirby game, and HAL seemed to have fazed out that process in recent installments. (Though this isn't the only thing they fazed out, RIP Meta Knight's white eyes) So that kind of explains what happened to them. The Sparkling Stars ability to locate food made me think that they at least had to have some sort of intelligence, if not something similar to a hive mind-style of thought. Perhaps they concluded it was time to move on from the Dream Landers and imbue their powers to a Hero worthy of their, uh, powers. Which happened to be Kirby. As we can see, he's the only one that can eat someone alive and gain their powers (which is technically what happens, even though no one wants to admit it), and it's ASSUMED Meta Knight can't perform such a feat, even though the two seem to be of an identical species. (Although his face redesign has me thinking HAL may be planning to make him a different species).

Anyways, that's it. Yeah this one probably has a lot of holes considering it's based on older games. Either way, it's a theory. Doesn't mean it's true, I know that. Leave a comment if you want to discuss this or put your own two-cents in!

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