People bicker all the time about the truth. One notable example was "Were we on the moon?" Others range from widely crazy, to widely hilarious. 

So, what really happened to Magolor? Why does a Zero like eye appear in his mouth? (oh yes, its another one of those blogs)

Through hours of extensive thought and process, I think I have finally come up with the answers of what truly happened. You may be suprised, or you may not care. We'll see soon enough. Lets start at the beggining of this tale, when the Master Crown was first forged...

It wasnt too big of a deal. The Forger (I refer to this entity as the builder of the Master Crown) built the Master Crown as another one of its great inventions. It never knew what would happen in the distant future. Soon, people began to understand the power of the Master Crown. Wars were fought. Blood was spilled over it. Best friends turned against one another. With the whole Galaxy slowly collapsing, The Forger realized the error of his ways. He vanished into thin air, taking the Master Crown with him, leaving that desolate galaxy forever.

The nearest galaxy was the galaxy in which Halcandra resided in. In The Forgers time, this planet was uninhabited. Just what he wanted. With no second thought, he buried the Crown there, hoping no one would discover it. With that, he left the universe, never appearing to anyone again...

That whole section just explained how the Master Crown was made and how it ended up on Halcandra. I did not give as much thought to that part as I did to the next part, the bulk of this story...

However, life soon began to thrive on Halcandra. New species were developing. The planet went through its own Triassic Age, its own Ice truth, Halcandra mirrored Earth in every way. But then, Landia was born. Landia...well she (Landia ends with an a which is feminine in most languages, so i'm defining her as a female. This is most likely not Landia's true gender, however.) was no ordinary dragon. She was an oddity, with most dragons having only one head, Landia had four! On one oddly cold day in Halcandra, Landia went exploring. She didnt explore to far from her home before she stumbled upon something sharp, and golden. It was the Master Crown. It gleamed as bright as the sun. It's gem sparkled a vibrant sapphire color. Landia thought she saw the Crown move, so she nudged it with her nose. It leapt onto one of her heads, and thus took control over her...

Magolor was partly telling the truth. She was evil all right. But she was no protector. With the Crown, Landia had complete power over Halcandra, terraforming the once peaceful planet into a mess of lava and molten rock. Suddenly, the planet began to shake violently and a large factory sprouted out from the ground. Without warning, a metallic sheet began to spread out from the factory. It turned any grass or dirt it touched into metal. Any home it touched, it turned into a factory. Any living being it came into contact with turned into a hideous robotic abomination of its former self. This was a failsafe created by The Forger if something were to ever disturb the Master Crown. With that, a war between Landia and a nearly robotic Halcandra began...

In the nearby Gamble Galaxy, Kirby had just begun to fight Dark Nebula. It was a short but intense battle, but Dark Nebula was still defeated. With Dark Nebula beggining to fracture and explode, it sent fragments of itself into the black hole it had opened. With just its eye left, it exploded. Fractures of Dark Nebula was left floating in a Dimensional tunnel, where it would stay trapped.

Magolor was unlucky. Born in a war where it was Robot vs. Dragon, he didnt have the healthiest of childhoods. However, he was still a bright, happy little alien. Witnessing his planets destruction, he realized he had to get some help to stop the war. By this time, rumours had begun to spread even beyond Gamble Galaxy of "Kirby the Noble Star Warrior". Magolor remembered seeing a derelict ship, the Lor Starcutter, floating around Landia's base. He stole that ship, and just barely made it out of Halcandra and into the portal he opened before being blasted into space dust. 

Still, with the Lor Starcutter being so heavily damaged, it lost all its Energy Spheres and its components. Magolor thought for sure he would die upon impact, but he managed to just make it to Popstar. *show first cutscene of KRtDL here*

There was a catch, though. When Magolor told Kirby to retrieve all the Energy Spheres, he was not expecting the Sphere Doomers. He had heard rumours of "Doomers'" but he did not think the two were related at all. He was almost right. When the fractures of Dark Nebula were jettisoned into the Dimensional tunnel, they formed a new breed of Doomers. When they devoured any sort of Energy Sphere, they corrupted it slightly, giving it a dark taint. These taints, when exposed to for long enough, would corrupt a certain individual, corrupting their brain and forcing them to do acts they normally wouldnt.

When Magolor came into contact with a numerous amount of these corrupted Energy Spheres, his mind snapped. Before Kirby had even gotten the final part of the Lor to enable flight to Halcandra, Magolor was already fighting a mental battle with Dark Nebulas fractures.

Speaking of Halcandra...the war was getting nowhere. Each time Landia destroyed a factory, another would pop up. Still, the factories capabilities weakened each time one was destroyed, so the mechanical warriors slowly became more biological than before. Each side, tired and weary, called a truce. Metal General was the last surviving Overseer of the droids, and with HR-D3, he ensured no one stepped out of line.

Not even three hours into closing this war and the Lor Starcutter was flying back into Halcandra. It didnt get too far though, before Landia sensed the Lor's presence and began firing. The Lor Starcutter was taken down and Kirby and Co. decided to help fight against Landia. The sane part of Magolor's mind was happy that he could count on such friends. The dark part of his mind, however, had other plans.

When Kirby and his friends finally defeated Landia, Magolor (who was trailing the group from far behind) appeared. His dark mind finally seized control of Magolor's mind, and he lost all control. Magolor seized the Crown, and vanished with it, with the fragments of Dark Nebula planning to destroy Popstar once and for all.

In the various fights against Magolor, he used not only his own powers (which Dark Nebula enhanced) but he also used the power of the Crown. With both Dark Nebula and the Crown's dark influence, Magolor was helpless. He could only watch in sheer horror as he saw himself do horrible things to his friends. Soon, he began to feel tired. Then, he blacked out, feeling a hot flame cover his now expanding body.

When he was finally beaten, Dark Nebula was purged from Magolor's body. The Crown itself was somehow exhausted of all its dark powers. Still being blacked out, Magolor floated into the portal that led to Popstar, where he stayed until he gained conciousness.

  • insert happy credits here*

So, there you go! All explained. In summary...

Landia was evil with the Crown on and became benevolent when she lost the Crown. 

Those who wear the Crown keep some of its powers when they lose it.

Dark Nebula was actually inhabiting the Crown, not Zero.

Magolor still betrays you. *SPOILER*

Magolor's "spirit" was not fading into nothingness when he finally died as Magolor Soul. He was floating into the portal then vanishing. He did not die, he was just floating in space. The Crown obviously broke. 

All forgiven between Magolor and Landia, Magolor was given the Lor after Landia purged it of any traces of Dark Nebula.

I plan to edit this later for any spelling mistakes and to add/remove details.

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