Everyone that has an Xbox/Play Station has at least encountered one of these before. The infamous "bug"...ranging from NPC's getting hilariously stuck in background scenery or the floor (Ahem, Skyrim) or saves getting irreversably deleted, to more worse things, like discs becoming unreadable. However, as I see it, Wii games do not have these bugs.

Or, I dont know maybe its just the games I have. After all, most of the games I have are made by Nintendo themselves, scratch WWE and a Guiness World Records game, so they probably have some secret to stop these bugs from happening. Of course, if you have an Xbox/Play Station you might just get an update for a big game every day/week/month, which then slowly trickle down to every other month and then almost nothing at all. Well, here is my big question...

Why the hell dont Wii games have bugs? Of course the Wii dosent have all the "Kickass (pardon my language) Graphics" like Battlefield 3 and to some degree Black Ops II, and Halo. Even so, I am really suprised that there are no clipping issues, lighting issues or the like. Because, if there were then Nintendo would have some mighty big problems. I dont get a warning from Nintendo saying "Warning, this game will be updated due to a discovery of massive bugs." Do you? 

How do they do it? Is it something on the disc? And how come, if it is something on the disc, that other companies have not emulated it? Anyway, I just think its amazing that I can use Ultra Sword, cutting through the ground and enemies but not screwing up the game to the point where I just cut out a large chunk of the actual playing field. Of course, I dont think that way now. Now, when I buy a Wii game I can comfort myself saying Well, this game wont be buggy at all! Not even simple skips in the framerate, which happens with most games these days. Im sure if Kirby's Return to Dream Land was ported to the Xbox 360 (Like HAL/Nintendo actually sactioned and made a custom disc for it) then there would be a messload of bugs and an update would occur weekly. Of course, maybe it is just the graphics. I remember that the games for the original Xbox (which I actually still have) werent that buggy at all, and they didnt have the shiniest graphics ever. Of course, I never got Live for that, so I wouldnt know about updates for that.

And, with the WiiU...who knows? The Bugs may be just around the corner...

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