Everyone has heard about this if they played Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. "Collect all the shards, and you face off against the hidden final boss!" To those of you who are newcomers to the Kirby series, that boss was none other than ZeroTwo , the resurrected, fallen-angel, type entity that was the primary antagonist to K:64. There was Miracle Matter, but...he wasn't the final boss nor main antagonist. 

And everyone has seen both endings i assume? If not, here's a brief run-down of what happens 


BAD ENDING: Dark Matter leaves Ripple Star, flying far away. Kirby and co. (Waddle Dee, Adeline, King Dedede)

leave on a Warpstar-like vehicle (which actually could be a nod/precursor towards Kirby: Air Ride64). Before Kirby hops in the vehicle, Ribbon comes up behind him and shakes his hand. Dedede tears up as they are leaving, while everyone is waving goodbye. The camera then pans to Ribbon, who is holding the uncompleted Great Crystal. The Queen of Ripple Star looks happy at first, then her eyes change to a dark purple as she glares at Ribbon.

GOOD ENDING: Dark Matter leaves Ripple Star, flying far away. It doesn't make it too far, however, as it blows up in a sparkle of light. Everyone is dancing and cheering, when suddenly the completed Great Shard shoots a piercing beam of light at the Queen Of Ripple Star. A dark gas gets exhumed from her body, causing her to faint and then collapse. This gas forms itself into a giant planetoid, blocking out Ripple Stars sun. Kirby makes a call on a cellphone, and an unusually large sized Warpstar comes to take Kirby and co. to Dark Star. After Kirby beats ZeroTwo, Dark Star collapses upon itself and eventually explodes. The group is later seen at night in a festival on Ripple Star. The Queen of Ripple Star gives each of them a shard from the Great Crystal. Ribbon floats over to Kirby, hesitates for a second, then kisses him. Kirby blushes and falls down the stairs.


I dont know about you guys, but i can see BOTH endings being canonical. Either Zero reigns over Ripple Star, cleverly staying away from Popstar, or he perishes along with his Dark Matter. Heres how i see both the bad ending and the good ending as canon...


Once Zero is in the clear, he emerges from his hiding place and attacks Ripple Star. Kirby and Co. are far away enough at this point to not notice anything amiss. With a new planet conquered, ZeroTwo gains new powers, being able to reproduce stronger (Dark Nebula) and bigger (Dark Matter from Mass Attack) Dark Matters. He stays away from Popstar, knowing Kirby's power and the Love-Love Stick would be there waiting for him. He reigns over Ripple Star, which is now a planet inhospitable to anything other than Dark Matter.

GOOD ENDING CANON: With ZeroTwo defeated, Kirby and Co. go home to and relax. Of course, this still wouldn't explain how Dark Nebula was formed and the big Dark Matter from Mass Attack was either. Of course, this Dark Matter could possibly come from another group of Dark Matter, which would implicate that there is more than one Zero, or more groups of Dark Matter with more dangerous leaders than Zero or Miracle Matter.

As i'm typing this, however, i realized something. Both Dark Nebula AND Miracle Matter have elemental powers. Perhaps these two are related? Although Dark Nebula has one red eye, and Miracle Matter has a dozen red eyes, not to mention one being a dark purple/black and the other being solid white, respectively. 

As for Zero...

He had to have survived the explosion. Its either that or the Bad Ending is canonical. Or, the aforementioned "different groups of Dark Matter" is actually true. I don't think it is stated ANYWHERE that the Good Ending is canonical (besides ones own mind) and if it was already, then just trash this page all you want. Until then, i suppose we will have to wait and see what HAL has planned for Dark Matter. With the hints that are almost undeniably impossible to miss (unless your new to the series) HAL may be planning a grand welcoming back party for Dark Matter/Zero.

That seems like a day one purchase for me.

Please, take the time and write down your own thoughts on this.

-Meta Kirby

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