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  • NerdyBoutKirby

    It's been about a month since Kirby Battle Royale released here in North America. Based on the response (or lack thereof) I've heard in that time, it appears most Kirby fans either disliked the game or didn't bother to play it. In my review of it, I stated that my vision of the game would have taken advantage of Kirby's 25th Anniversary by using more franchise fanservice. After putting more thought into it, I decided what minor tweaks I would have made to slightly improve the game, making it a more memorable anniversary gift.

    For one thing, the 10 game modes would each have three different cosmetic versions: The original one from the current game and two re-skinned variations that hearken back to past games. The re-skins would be purchased thro…

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  • NerdyBoutKirby

    As the Nintendo Direct mentioned, there is a poll to determine which Copy Ability is the most popular--and the winner may end up as a playable option in Kirby: Battle Royale. This is where the challenge arises. My current favorite ability is Beetle, but that's already present in the game; it seems like a waste. I could choose Water and Cleaning, but those are going to be in Kirby Star Allies; why double up? Other great abilities, like Poison, Wing, Bell, UFO, and Mirror, have been featured in Kirby's adventures over the past three years; while they're certainly fun to use, they've had their day in the sun only recently, and it'd feel like a waste voting for them.

    For me personally, this is a …

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  • NerdyBoutKirby

    Magolor Cosplay

    June 30, 2017 by NerdyBoutKirby

    Howdy, everybody! I uploaded this image on my profile, but since I worked so hard on it, I thought I'd bring more attention to it:

    This is me dressed as Magolor from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. I spent a good four and a half months gathering materials and planning--college slows things down. I put it together over one week. Unlike other Magolor cosplays I'd seen online, where the artists would make themselves look like a humanized version of the character, I went the purist route by turning just my head and hands into him. The purple clip holding the scarf on stuck out like a sore thumb, so it was replaced with a white one after these photos were taken.

    This is my second cosplay after my Stanley Pines one from 2014. Given how much effort we…

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  • NerdyBoutKirby

    After seeing how many amiibo figures The Legend of Zelda got for its 30th anniversary, I think it's highly likely that Kirby will get some new figurines to celebrate his 25th. But which will they be? I have my predictions, but this blog is dedicated to the figures that would, in my opinion, be the most fitting for the celebration. I've also included other potential candidates and ones I wish they'd make. Here they are:

    Retro Kirby
    Game of origin: Kirby's Dream Land (1992)

    This figure holds a floating, smiley Kirby whose face is small compared to his pudgy body. In Japan, it is pink and red, but the North American version is entirely white. It represents Kirby's beginning and early years, as well as the work of director Masahiro Sakurai.

    Nintendo h…

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  • NerdyBoutKirby

    10 Best Articles

    April 6, 2017 by NerdyBoutKirby

    Kirby Wiki is officially 10 years old! Hooray! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've compiled my list of favorite articles--10 of them. Since I've created nearly 200 by this point, I've created a separate list for those. These are in no particular order, and I've tried to limit in-game bias in these picks; for example, even though Magolor is my favorite video game character, his article doesn't make the cut just for featuring him as the subject. I do have fond memories with some of these, however, so nostalgia may play somewhat of a role. Without further ado, let's begin!

    • King Dedede - King Dedede has always stuck out to me for one thing: In a series filled with small or medium-sized enemies, he's always been big. But he will never be …

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