Kirby Wiki is officially 10 years old! Hooray! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've compiled my list of favorite articles--10 of them. Since I've created nearly 200 by this point, I've created a separate list for those. These are in no particular order, and I've tried to limit in-game bias in these picks; for example, even though Magolor is my favorite video game character, his article doesn't make the cut just for featuring him as the subject. I do have fond memories with some of these, however, so nostalgia may play somewhat of a role. Without further ado, let's begin!

Ten Favorite Articles (made by others)

K25 King Dedede artwork
  • King Dedede - King Dedede has always stuck out to me for one thing: In a series filled with small or medium-sized enemies, he's always been big. But he will never be bigger than his article. I can't confirm that it's the largest page on the site, but that's what it looks like to me. Its size, image quality, and overall completeness make it a favorite.
KRtDL Box art
  • Kirby's Return to Dream Land - Of all the games we have pages for, Kirby's Return to Dream Land immediately pops out to me as the best. It covers everything you could want to know about the game without having gaps where someone "winged it." It does this while also mixing in relevant images so the reader doesn't get bored. Combine that with the snazzy Copy Abilities section as well as the comprehensive development timeline and you have yourself an outstanding page.
All bead elements
  • Bead - It might sound like I have a thing for colossal articles, but here goes. When it comes to describing beads in KEY, how in-depth would you go with it? Describe the basics and leave it at that? If so, Changtau2005 has you beaten ten times over. He combed through every nuance of the item, from streak to bead loss to advanced collecting techniques, making the page as thorough as it can possibly be. I don't dare touch it.
  • Cameos - Kirby has made so many cameo appearances in other games and media, it's imperative that readers have one page to learn about them. This page has been a blast to read and edit, and it's certainly thorough. I'm a sucker for pages that use the terminology of other franchises, since it proves we know what we're talking about.
KA Goal Game
  • Goal Game - Like Cameos, Goal Game is a giant list that details every instance of a thing (in this case a Goal Game) appearing in a game. Goal Games take so many forms, from being slingshotted onto clouds to firing out of a rotating cannon. This page showcases all of 'em with an image or two for each. What's not to love?
  • Halberd - Halberd follows King Dedede by being super huge and thorough. Images are distributed nicely across the multitude of sections, giving the whole article a feeling of unity. Its In the Anime section feels more complete than that of others.
KDCol Challenge logo
  • Challenge - This is one of the best sub-game pages we have. It lays out the rules with great detail and tells the variations. The best part is the KRtDL and KDCol sections, which contain all the information the player needs to know about each challenge. There are even separate images that highlight the differences between Main Mode and Extra Mode. This sets it apart in my eyes.
Ultra Sword
  • Super Ability - This is the only page on my list that is a "branch-off" article--one that exists by technicality and primarily directs the reader to a slew of other pages. That said, it does an excellent job breaking up the information. It has a lot of trivia and two full galleries, one of which contains unused icons from the game disk. I find this page satisfying.
KPR Barbar
  • Barbar - Not every page has to be huge to win a spot on my favorites list. Barbar might be relatively short, but the article's length fits the enemy. It contains all relevant information and has a gallery of good images. It's solid and doesn't feel at all bloated.
KCC Pacto 2
  • Pacto - Pacto follows Barbar's example, though it has a bit more content to reflect the enemy's number of appearances. Each section is pretty short, too, making the page easy to digest. The images in the gallery are also very nice.

Ten Favorite Articles (made by me)

KPR Susie artwork 2
  • Susie - Susie is hands-down the article I'm most proud of. It came out extremely well, being the proper length; well-formatted; and filled with images; quotes; and trivia. There was certainly demand for this page, and no one was left disappointed. Susie sets the bar for what future boss-ally character pages should look like.
KRtDL Dimensional Rift Infobox
  • Dimensional rift - I celebrated the fifth anniversary of KRtDL with a spiffy article that captured the overarching theme of the game. I noticed that such a huge part of the game was barely even mentioned here after five years, so I knew this deserved a lot of effort. A bittersweet memory I have with this page came from image gathering: I took a Lor.jpg screenshot and published it on the page. Two months later, the winners of the "Kirby: Planet Robobot Drawing and Screenshot Challenge" were revealed--one of the winners did exactly what I did. If I'd thought to submit my image, I could have won! Regardless, I'm no less pleased with how my article turned out.
KMA Rhino Beetle sprite
  • Rhino Beetle - When I was playing KMA for the first time, I accidentally collapsed the Teetering Tree. To my surprise, Daroach flew his airship over and gave me tips about the stage. He mentioned that the Rhino Beetles were the key to success. This was obvious information, of course, but I had no idea the little insects on the tree had official names! And with a proper noun comes the opportunity to create a new article. (That's what I thought at the time, and it's still mostly true.) The plan was to leave for vacation at noon, so I sent Starman125 a message asking if he thought it was worth a page. He didn't respond and time was ticking, so I quickly rounded up some images and threw down more than enough information--the less stubby a page is, the more justified it is in existing, I reasoned. I published it before bolting out the door and no one complained about it when I checked back later. Good memories and cute animals make for favorite articles.
KRtDL Shipwreck Octopus Face
  • Shipwreck Octopus - I woke up, got ready for another day of high school, then paused. My mom approached me with the refreshing news that it was a snow day! I spent the morning on Kirby Wiki. After permabanning a user for issuing death threats, I set to work on Shipwreck Octopus. I found its comical design and wonky hitboxes delightful, which added to my enthusiasm. It's a good page with appropriate length and a basket of fond memories. It deserves a spot on this list.
KPL Poppy Brothers' Land sprite
  • Poppy Brothers' Land - One of my earliest published articles was Poppy Brothers' Land Bonus Game. That sub-game is just one small part of Poppy Brothers' Land, which I created months later. This was in the days before user workshops were commonplace, so when I set out to make an article, I always did it in one long sitting. Pinball Lands are highly detailed, so each page took hours to complete with no breaks. Nobody else would've written so much about KPL, which is one reason I'm so pleased with the result.
KTD Coily Rattler Roar
  • Coily Rattler - Coily Rattler was the first boss article that I created solo. The snake was my favorite series boss at the time, and it's still my pick for the best in KTD. It was incredibly satisfying to craft. I remember spending four consecutive hours meticulously describing each attack in all four of the serpent's lengthy patterns, something I don't do anymore for exactly that reason. Can't say I wasn't committed, though!
  • Blockworld - I was browsing Google Images one day in search of KBB information. I came across an comic that was a clear advertisement for the Game Boy game. It looked official, and it mentioned the term "Blockworld." I followed my Rhino Beetle mentality and drafted a page for the game's overworld. It was like a combination of Rhino Beetle and Poppy Brothers' Land--using a proper noun from an official source to justify an article's creation, then using that article to better cover an old game that previously had poor coverage. Sounds good to me.
Skeleton img1
  • Research facility - Research facility falls into roughly the same category as dimensional rift: Both are important, recurring locations in a game that for whatever reason are never given a proper name. Research facility was a passion project for me, and it shows. The page is beefier than one would probably expect, but since the towers show up no less than 22 times across four game modes (excluding cameo appearances), I felt it deserved the length. After Star Dream Soul OS, it felt good to work on a huge page that didn't have deadline pressure.
KatRC Bastron Infobox
  • Bastron - I take pride in having written about 80% of KatRC's total coverage myself.* Bastron screamed "Make me!" to me more than anything else in the game, and it falls in that category of not being a creature, stage, or item. (We didn't have an established Vehicle infobox at the time, so it was a tad awkward until last year.) My original plan for it was extremely ambitious: I aimed to make this clay battleship rival Meta Knight's very own! Then I reviewed Halberd again, swallowed hard, and scaled my goal back. It was a lot of fun to create, and that's important to my work here.
KPR Secret Area Infobox
  • Secret area - This was a massive team project that covered a lotta games--if you've learned anything from this list, you know that I enjoy covering a number of games on one page, especially when each is radically different. Unlike the other pages on this list, where I learned all the info beforehand or just copied it from on-the-spot observation, secret area forced me to learn things through research. Some of these discoveries blew my mind. I never found Revenge of Meta Knight's cloud secret as a kid! I had no idea there was a painting of an orca in KDL2, much less that it contained a secret area! On top of that, this page stands out as being particularly useful to others, as these secrets aren't all common knowledge among Kirby fans. We did a darn good job on this one!

*Percentage not calculated using mathematical methods.

What are your favorite pages? Which of the pages you've made are you most proud of? Post below!