This blog will probably be made irrelevant later this month, but I'd like to hear some opinions out of you guys. Everyone has an idea of what would make the perfect ingredients for Super Smash Bros., and millions of people dream of amiibo figures they'd want to decorate their shelves. I encourage you all to submit your top three-five picks for Smash fighters, two picks for characters that you'd like to see but don't think would stand a chance of getting in, three-five picks for desired new stages, a pick for a desired returning stage, items, assist trophies, etc. If you're into amiibo, you can also describe which 5 figures/cards you'd like Nintendo to make and possibly the functionality of each.

Top 3 Fighters

  1. Elena (Pandora's Tower, 2013) - The charming deuteragonist is cursed to gradually transform into a monster that--no joke--has enough power to conquer the world one country at a time. Standard Elena would likely have weight and attack power comparable to Peach. The curse meter at the bottom of the screen slowly increases with time; after 60 seconds, she gets about as heavy as Bowser, gets increased strength, and gets a longer reach with arm attacks (since toward the end of her transformation in the game, one of her arms is extremely distended). Once 30 seconds are up in the powerful form, she reverts back to her original appearance and attributes. Final Smash: Master Beast.
  2. Magolor (Kirby's Return to Dream Land, 2011) - This mischievous friend and foe made quite an impression at his debut. With magic, flight, Energy Spheres, and Doomer-spawning abilities, he would be a top-notch fighter. Final Smash: Magolor Soul.
  3. King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country, 1994) - Here's a popular opinion. K. Rool has been heavily requested ever since Melee. The villain of the Donkey Kong series is a mean crocodile with a superiority complex and evil plans. And a grotesque, bulging eye. What's not to love?
  4. Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure!, 2005) - When I heard a friendly person on a website talk about the aforementioned game as a cult GCN classic, I grew interested in the titular helper robot. He's got an assortment of tools and items to use as weapons, not to mention his Whip Lash and Zip Lash techniques from Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash. This could also help revive his franchise, as the aforementioned Zip Lash reportedly killed his series. Final Smash: Citrusoft Giant Parts
  5. Bandana Waddle Dee (Kirby's Return to Dream Land, 2011) - The only member of the KRtDL squad not represented in Smash Bros., Bandana Waddle Dee is a cute character with a lot of spear-wielding potential. Heck, his move set in KRtDL is a really good start. Final Smash: Megaton Punch.

2 Unlikely Fighters

  • Opa-Opa (Fantasy Zone, 1986) - What do you mean you've never heard of Opa-Opa? He was SEGA's first mascot. He packs guns, bombs, special weapons, and flight. He also *spoiler alert* has a split personality of virtue and vice that manifested into an evil clone which his father O-Papa maintains a loving bond with and thus had to assume the role of the mastermind of the Menon forces who were stealing the currency from planets to build a giant fortress in the Fantasy Zone. ...Got it? Good. Final Smash: Thunder Volt.
  • Lock/Isaiah/Heathern (Lock's Quest, 2008) - These three Archineers, like the Koopalings, are all the same character. They can build walls, turrets, and traps out of seemingly nothing. It's safe to say they would be very technical characters. Final Smash: Lightning Tornado.

Desired Stages

  1. Cookie Country (Kirby's Return to Dream Land, 2011) - This simple stage gets a tiny bit tougher when it gets sucked into a dimensional rift. Pushy purple walls and occasional Sphere Doomer ambushes spice this stage up.
  2. Sword Valley (Xenoblade Chronicles, 2012) - The massive sword of the Mechonis supports a dusty Mechon base and is a hangout for everyone's favorite giant robot. "Fancy meeting you here, DLC!"
  3. Endless Stair (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, 2013) - Exclusive to the 3DS version, this stage offers combatants a ride up Haunted Towers' vast staircase on a moving platform. Greenies, Slammers, and Creepers may cause trouble. When the Harsh Possessor turns the stairs into a slide, the platform rushes right down to the bottom of the steep slope.
  4. Giygas' Mind (EarthBound, 1995) - This infamous final boss consumes the entire screen and takes three disturbing forms. Each form changes the stage's physics; they feature light gravity, heavy gravity, and control reversal. But when a girl's prayers subdue the nightmare, perhaps you'll find peace... for a little while.
  5. Pufftop (The Legendary Starfy, 2009) - Another 3DS stage. It starts out in peaceful Pufftop, but like Brawl's Summit, the players are violently thrust into Gluglug Lagoon miles below. See to it you don't bother Big Squiddy.

Returning Stage of Choice

Desired Items

  • Rambi Crate (Donkey Kong Country Returns, 2010) - A normal crate that can be broken open to release Rambi, who slowly walks back and forth across the stage. Attack him and he'll counter with his horn or back legs. After the third attack, he gets fed up with the abuse and charges forward at top speed! Watch out!

Desired Assist Trophies

  • Hydracoil (Flingsmash, 2010) - When released, Hydracoil vanishes. If the owner is launched off the side of the stage, a Hydracoil head will catch him and toss him back. If the owner's opponent is launched off the side, he will also be caught... but Hydracoil throws its enemies much harder. Opponents with 100% or higher are immediately swallowed. The assist trophy lasts 30 seconds after it's released.

Desired Game Modes/Updates

  1. Subspace Emissary HD - Could be a brand new campaign, a remake of the Brawl version, or something in between. I love me some Subspace, darn it!
  2. Added content for Smash Run
  3. Boss Brawl - amiibo figures are required for this mode. Tap the Ridley, Metal Face, Yellow Devil, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Master Core, Giga Bowser, or Tabuu amiibo to take control of the respective boss and battle CPUs or other players in Stamina matches.

Desired amiibo

  • Magolor figure
  • Paper Mario figure (comes with four poses like the Mr. Game and Watch figure)
  • Metal Face figure
  • Black Knight figure
  • Ridley figure

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