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This isn't a game, but I feel I should discuss Kirby's anime regardless. It's okay. I have nostalgia for it, and some parts are downright epic or at least fun to watch. Other parts, well, not so much. Let's talk about it.

Everybody despises the 4Kids dub and instead watches the edgier, profane Japanese version. I was introduced to the show in English, and I stand by my opinion that the English one is just as good. You read that right, JUST AS GOOD. It all boils down to a difference in dialogue, but the difference is not that major.

People say 4Kids made it too kiddy. That's true. But if you're a native speaker of English, you should at least give it a shot. There's no denying that Crusade for the Blade and Scare Tactics - Part II are great, even in English. People hate Dedede's southern accent. I think the accent sets him apart from other television villains and just adds to his character. He and Escargoon have the best voices and the funniest jokes in the show. Customer Service is just cool and eerie enough to keep me interested in Nightmare Enterprises.

Tiff ruins the ride. She acts as the secondary protagonist but she really messes things up. She's respected by everyone in the show, and the animators want you to side with her at all times. But she's one of the things I hate most: A hotheaded protagonist who makes rash decisions but we are expected to like her anyway. She "teaches child viewers" lame morals, and she's ULTRA-critical of my favorite duo -- Dedede and Escargoon. I don't care how much reason she has to dislike them, she shouldn't just be spiteful and annoying to them all the time! She's also a killjoy; she acts like television is poison during its first hour of broadcasting, she hates anything fun Dedede does, and she even dislikes getting paid FIVE MILLION DOLLARS FOR COOKING A SIMPLE MEAL. She's absolutely a burden to watch.

Some episodes are made of lame kiddie stuff (e.g. The Fofa Factor). But even worse are the eco-friendly episodes. If Whispy's in it, it's about saving the trees. If there's garbage in it, it's about recycling or picking up litter. There's even an episode featuring an Ozone Hole Monster. Seriously?! Kirby should NOT be about saving the Earth. Slap anyone who tells you otherwise.

But I like NME. The Star Warrior war was cool, and the Dedede-centric episodes that treat him with some dignity (e.g. Fossil Fools - Part I) are quite favorable to watch. I'd really like to see a number of these characters in the games; Sirica, Garlude, Sharbon, Escargoon, Customer Service... no, don't interrupt. I know they'll never appear in the main series...

(I hope at least one person comments. I like talking to people, okay?)

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