I have an idea. I feel that it would be cool and beneficial to Kirby Wiki if we were to create a YouTube channel and upload informative videos like Did You Know Gaming? does. We'd take interesting trivia bits from our own pages and put a few into each video, of course with relevant footage, quiet Kirby music to in the background, and a strong and confident speaker to narrate (man or woman, makes no difference).

This would really set us apart from other wikis. Instead of relying on people to come to the wiki and learn, we'd bring select information to the YouTube community and illustrate it too! At the end of each video, we could mention that Kirby Wiki has even more information, then encourage passionate Kirby fans to join us as editors. These videos would earn us publicity and possibly increase our editor count.

I figure each video would last about 2-3 minutes, covering around 4 small facts and 3 detailed facts (though we could always change the length and add more info). The question is, should each video be about one specific game, or should each video contain trivia from an assortment of games?

What trivia should the first video have? Post some indisputable facts below, and I'll decide which ones will be written into the script! But I'm getting ahead of myself. I don't have a YouTube account, the technology, the experience, or a strong and confident speaking voice. I could certainly handle script writing, but I'd need somebody else to do the voiceover and create the video. I would prefer an administrator or any other capable, professional editor.

How does everyone feel about this? Should we pursue Kirby Wiki Informative Videos (changing the name, of course)? Are there any volunteers to do the heavylifting? What info? Comment below!

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