Kirby: Mass Attack

Hey there! This is Nightmare100 with a great deal of Kirby: Mass Attack info. The game, despite not having copy abilities, is probably one of the BEST Kirby games I've ever played! Like most Kirby games, it's short, but that does'nt mean it's not fun. Gameplay is simple, guide the Kirbies around the level and collect fruit. Every time you fill the meter at the top of the screen with 100 hundred points worth of fruit, you get another Kirby. To fight, simply tap the enemy and your Kirbies will swarm it. Or, you can flick a Kirby on to it. I'm not going to spoil all gameplay, so on to plot. Kirby is visiting the Popopo Islands, south of Popstar, when Necrodeus zapped him with a magic staff and split Kirby into 10. He defeated all of them exept 1, who then follows his own heroic heat to get the staff and make everything right again. The game has a total of 4 worlds, Green Grounds, Sandy Canyon, Dedede Resort, and Volcano Valley. There is a 5th but it's stupid, Necro Nebula. You just fight revamped versions of the bosses. The thing that ticks me off about this game though, is NO Meta Knight!(Only in 2 minigames.) But at least Necrodeus is a cool antagonist. There are 6 minigames and 8 extras. The minigames include: Field Frenzy, an addicting whack-a-mole game, Kirby Brawlball, a difficult pinball game that features Marx as the Final Boss, Kirby Curtain Call, a Kirby counting game, Dash Course, a reflex based game, Strato Patrol EOS, my favourite, is a game where Kirbies and power-ups are collected and enemies are shot down. The main reason I like this is because Meta Knight stars as the peniultimate boss, and NIGHTMARE as the final. The last minigame is Kirby Quest, a timing based RPG featuring Dark Matter as the Final Boss.

That's all I really have to say, and whoever left some of the episode summaries blank for Kirby: Right Back at ya!, not cool.

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