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  • Fedora Lord Para 348

    Last round saw matches between Kirby's weakest rival and Kirby's least helpful friend, Meta Knight's loyal servant and Kirby's stretchy friend, The Main Boss of Kirby: Canvas Curse and A Turtle, and finally, The Warrior of the Stars and The Supposed Final Boss of Kirby 64. Now, let's get to Round 1-7, shall we?




    This match sees Capamari, foe of Kirby's seen only in Kirby's Epic Yarn, against King Dedede, Kirby's biggest rival. Though these two have never met, now it is time to start. Will Capamari put King Dedede's reign of terror to a close, or will King Dedede crush Capamari beneath his hammer?

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  • Fedora Lord Para 348

    Guys, remember when I did Round 1-5, quit forever, then came back? Well, I'm back now!! Who'd like to get this show on the road? Recap, since NONE of you remember: Kracko shocking Angie, Capsule J2 blowing up Captain Vul, Galacta Knight making sushi out of Blipper, and Masher mashing Heavy Mole. So now, here goes:




    So, our first return match consists of Kirby's weakest foe and Kirby's least reliable friend.

    We have Whispy Woods, a stationary, cloud-blowing, apple-dropping, and 100% natural boss, who often serves as the first boss of Kirby's Games. Sure he's a boss, and he's stronger than most enemies, but can he take down...

    Tokkori, a lazy, rude, and easily frightened bird. He doesn't really help Kirby very often,…

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  • Fedora Lord Para 348

    Thank you all so much for voting last time! We had some good match-ups last match! To recap, the results from last time: Dark Matter sucking Gobbler through a portal, Dyna Blade crash-landing Bombar, Meta Knight slicing right through Moley, and Wiz "magic-tricking" Fangora. Now, for the next battles!

    Angie vs. Kracko

    This match is probably going to be another "Blowout." Kracko, the famous Kirby boss, is up against the not-so-famous angel from Kirby's Epic Yarn, Angie! These two warriors are supreme in the air, but only Kracko possesses fighting ability! However, Angie could surprise Kracko... Who will rule the skies?


    Results: Angie, 0. Kracko, 5.

    This battle in the skies was proven to be dominated by the evil one-eyed cloud. …

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  • Fedora Lord Para 348

    Thank you guys all for voting last round! We had some pretty interesting match-ups and results, including Fatty Whale drowning Storo, Adelaine painting Beadrix green with envy, Batafire burning Sir Ebrum alive, and Master Hand causing Shotzo to fall off a cliff. Now, the fights.

    Dark Matter vs. Gobbler

    Two scary foes go against each other in a terrifying match! These two are fast in shortened gravity, have minions, and fight Kirby when he goes very slowly! Will Dark Matter consume the soul of Gobbler, or will Gobbler eat Dark Matter alive?


    Results: Dark Matter, 5. Gobbler, 0.

    A surprising match indeed! Sure, Dark Matter is much more powerful, but man, Gobbler deserved SOME hits. These two enemies of Kirby met up with each othe…

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  • Fedora Lord Para 348



    Final Score: Fatty Whale, 3. Storo, 2.

    This battle saw a match of true blue, but water beat land as Storo tried to pound Fatty Whale. Fatty Whale moved out of the way as Storo dove right under, and then drowned in the water. Now, one member of the Squeak Squad has been eliminated, four yet remain.

    This match is a battle between two of Kirby's less appreciated friends.

    These two both show artistic talent, Beadrix loves beads while Adeleine likes to paint. They have both helped out Kirby on a few occasions, and both appear on home console games!

    Will Beadrix bead out Adeleine, or will Adeleine paint Beadrix?


    Final Score: Beadrix, 1. Adelaine, 4.

    While K…

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