Welcome to the first ever battle round of the Kirby of the Stars Tournament! Four battles will be held here, and better yet, YOU decide the winners! You may comment saying who you voted for, but you don't have to. So, without further ado, let's begin the battles!

Battle 1

Mr. Tick Tock SSU

Mr. Tick Tock vs. Kracko Jr.

The first ever battle in the Kirby of the Stars Tournament is a battle between two weak foes of Kirby, yet not too weak. Kirby defeated them pretty easily, let's see how they do against each other. Mr. Tick Tock is an alarm clock who can shoot rogue music notes. Kracko Jr. is the incomplete form of Kracko that can spawn bombs. Will Mr. Tick Tock condense Kracko Jr., or will Kracko Jr. leave Mr. Tick Tock in the "Sleep" position forever?


RESULTS: Mr. Tick Tock: 2, Kracko Jr.: 3


The moral of this battle is to know your hierarchy and never bite off more than you can chew. Mr. Tick Tock made a very stupid move, fighting Kracko Jr., because although Kracko Jr. is a weak boss, he's still a boss. Mr. Tick Tock is a mini-boss, so his hierarchy was below Kracko Jr.. Kracko Jr. uses his stronger powers and puts them to good use, knocking the batteries out of Mr. Tick Tock. Kracko Jr. moves on to Round 2 as Mr. Tick Tock is never to be functional again.

Battle 2

KEY Kirby Form 1

Escargoon vs. Zeke

The second battle features King Dedede's loyal yet less celebrated servant against one of Kirby's less celebrated friends. Neither of these two have any real fighting experience, but it's time they learn, if they don't, it could cost them the match. Will Escargoon finally succeed, or will Zeke win using beginner's luck?


RESULTS: Escargoon: 3, Zeke: 1


Battle 2 saw a match between two weak fighters. However, Escargoon has skill, and Zeke merely has luck. Since skill is better than luck, and a battle comes from backbone, not wishbone, Escargoon just delivered a single punch to knock out Zeke instantly. King DeDeDe would have been proud to see this match, although sad thing is, he will never truly impress the king. Nevertheless, Escargoon leaves Zeke in the dust and advances to Round 2.

Battle 3

Kawasaki SSU

Chef Kawasaki vs. Sparky

Third in this round of battles is between the chef of Cappy Town that no one likes the food of (Save for sushi and freeze-dried space food) against a green drop-thing that generates electricity from two orbs on its head. Chef Kawasaki has helped Kirby on many occasions (But only in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!) and Sparky has helped Kirby only a select few times. Will Chef Kawasaki serve Sparky on the menu, or will Sparky deep-fry Kawasaki with his bolts?


RESULTS: Chef Kawasaki: 4, Sparky: 1


This was another "know your hierarchy" match. Sparky, although nostalgic, was not enough to take down someone powerful like Chef Kawasaki. That night, the Chef cooked Sparky after delivering a blow with a frying pan, and the customers at his restaurant were confused when the meat looked a little green and shocked them when they ate it. Chef Kawasaki now serves Sparky on the menu and advances to Round 2.

Battle 4

Marx wings

Dragoon vs. Marx

Battle four could be one of the most one-sided matches in the entire tournament. In this corner, we have the Dragoon - a small but slightly powerful Air Ride Machine of Kirby's that tears through the sky. On the other corner, we have Marx: The omnipotent, flying, paint-splattering, beam-firing, spear-firing, projectile spamming final boss of Kirby Super Star (and Super Star Ultra) Obviously, we all think Marx is going to win, but Dragoon could have more in store for us than we think.


RESULTS: Dragoon: 1, Marx: 4


Not even being a match, but more of a knockout, all it took was one of Marx's blades to slice up the Dragoon. Definitely not a surprise, now there is no more of the legendary air ride machine and Marx's reign of terror continues as his eyes settle on Chef Kawasaki as his next victim.

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