Thank you guys all for voting last round! We had some pretty interesting match-ups and results, including Fatty Whale drowning Storo, Adelaine painting Beadrix green with envy, Batafire burning Sir Ebrum alive, and Master Hand causing Shotzo to fall off a cliff. Now, the fights.

Battle 1

Dark Matter vs. Gobbler


Dark Matter vs. Gobbler

Two scary foes go against each other in a terrifying match! These two are fast in shortened gravity, have minions, and fight Kirby when he goes very slowly! Will Dark Matter consume the soul of Gobbler, or will Gobbler eat Dark Matter alive?



Results: Dark Matter, 5. Gobbler, 0.

A surprising match indeed! Sure, Dark Matter is much more powerful, but man, Gobbler deserved SOME hits. These two enemies of Kirby met up with each other, but instantly, Dark Matter summoned a rift and sucked Gobbler in it. Dark Matter now has his eyes set on Dyna Blade for Round 2.

Battle 2

Dyna Blade vs. Bombar


Dyna Blade vs. Bombar

We could be in for the rare case of a battle in the skies.

It is a battle of Dyna Blade's dynamics and strength against Bombar's weaponry at his disposal. These two have given Kirby good fights - and now these two air fighters will fight each other! Will Dyna Blade crash Bombar, or will Bombar annihilate Dyna Blade?



Results: Dyna Blade: 3. Bombar: 1

Dyna Blade and Bombar fought each other in the sky for three days. Bombar's arsenal was powerful, but Dyna Blade's fire powers and blades for wings caused Bombar to crash-land. Since then, Dyna Blade earned a title of winner of Battle 2 and is now looking forward to her fight with Dark Matter.

Battle 3

Moley vs. Meta Knight


Moley vs. Meta Knight

This match could end up as a "Blowout." Meta Knight, one of Kirby's most powerful rivals and allies is against Moley - a pretty easy boss who never fought Kirby more than once. Meta Knight will more than likely win, but who knows? Maybe Moley will defeat him.



Results: Moley: 0. Meta Knight: 4

Moley and Meta Knight agreed to meet at the Mirror World. Moley, being blind, did not know that Meta Knight was there, so he ignored him. Meta Knight sliced right through Moley, and he didn't even see it coming! Meta Knight joins Dark Matter and Knuckle Joe as the only people ever to defeat an opponent without the opponent getting any votes, and joins the other winners to go to Round 2.

Battle 4

Wiz vs. Fangora


Wiz vs. Fangora

Another battle between strong bosses is here. However, the similarities end there.

Wiz has magical abilities, such as summoning and teleporting, maybe even mind reading? Fangora is a dragon and relies more on physical strength rather than magic. The classic battle of the Mage and the Dragon! Will Wiz "Magic Trick" Fangora, or will Fangora feast on Wiz?



Results: Wiz: 3. Fangora: 1

This battle was between a Mirror World boss and a Yarn World boss. Since Yarn World bosses cannot kill, only do damage, he was not able to kill Wiz. After two days, Wiz made Fangora disappear into thin air. While the other two mirror world bosses involved in this round lost, Wiz advances.

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