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The Kirby of the Stars Tournament (Kirby Character Tournament)

Here it is, 128 characters from Kirby competing for top spot! This will go on for as long as it takes! Every 3 days I will hold 4 matches, and the winners are no one to decide but you! So here it is, I'm bringing it to the Kirby Wiki (Because no one bothered to comment on my forum post.) So now, we begin round 0: Suggestions! 8 people suggested per person, I will then randomize the names and put it into a tournament! Here are the rules for suggestions:

1. Absolutely no repeats. If a character is suggested, it's automatically in.

2. The characters suggested can be from ANY Kirby continuity, whether it be the games, the anime, the spinoffs, or any other continuity you can find.

3. Do not vote more than once. Since I'm not an admin anymore, I cannot tell if you're using multiple accounts, but an admin will find you if you do, and your vote will be invalid.

4. If a character is out, it's out. No going back, so if Meta Knight loses on the first round to Waddle Dee, then that's that.

5. Once a round is over, it's OVER! I'm not going to let you vote late for you to hope that it changes anything.

6. For the battle images (Which will come later,) I will allow fanart, but I'm not going to wait for you to make some if it takes longer than 3 days.

7. Once 127 characters have been suggested, we will go into a Wild Card Round, which involves voting for a character that is obscure in the Kirby Series, a character outside of the Kirby Series that crossed over with it before, or a scrapped Kirby Character.

8. Specifically for crossover characters being suggested, it MUST have crossed over to the Kirby Series at least once. This includes, but is not limited to, Mario, Link, Pikachu, Samus, Captain Falcon, etc.

1. Kirby

2. Meta Knight

3. King Dedede

4. Dark Meta Knight

5. Waddle Dee

6. Marx

7. Escargoon

8. 02

9. Yin-Yarn

10. Prince Fluff

11. Lalala

12. Sword Knight

13. Scarfy

14. Waddle Doo

15. Flamer

16. Kracko

17. Dropso

18. Rick

19. Spinni

20. Wheelie

21. Koozer

22. Shadow Kirby

23. Laser ball

24. Daroach

25. Storo

26. Doc

27. The Squeakers

28. Dark Nebula

29. Dragoon

30. Silica

31. Knuckle Joe

32. Garlude

33. Ebifryer

34. Sharbon

35. Knuckle Joe's Father

36. Imohmushii

37. Customer Service

38. Galacta Knight

39. Keeby

40. Red Kirby

41. Green Kirby

42. Brown Kirby

43. Ax Knight

44. Trident Knight

45. Javelin Knight

46. Demon Frog

47. Masher

48. Batamon

49. Paint Roller

50. NOVA

51. Zero

52. Lololo

53. Mr. Shine

54. Mr. Bright

55. Wham Bam Rock

56. Wham Bam Jewel

57. Master Hand

58. Crazy Hand

59. Kracko Jr.

60. Hydra

61. Whispy Woods

62. Tiff

63. Tuff

64. Fololo

65. Falala

66. Drawcia

67. Nightmare

68. Dark Matter

69. Dark Mind

70. King Golem

72. Moley

73. Mega Titan

74. Gobbler

75. Wiz

76. Chilly

77. Burnin' Leo

78. Kit Cosmos

79. Miracle Matter

80. Chef Kawasaki

81. Kabu

82. Coo

83. Kine

84. Gooey

85. ChuChu

86. Tokkori

87. Sir Ebrum

88. Lady Like

89. Bonkers

90. Bugzzy

91. Ribbon

92. Phan Phan

93. Adelaine

94. Golem

95. Mr. Frosty

96. Mr. Tick-Tock

97. Tedhaun

98. Fatty Whale

99. Chameleo Arm

100. Heavy Lobster

101. Heavy Mole

102. Melman

103. Dyna Blade

104. Mabel

105. Batafire

106. Bombar

107. Shooty

108. Blade Knight

109. Rolling Turtle

110. Blipper

111. Squishy

112. Captain Vul

113. Shotzo

114. Sparky

115. Plasma Wisp

116. Fangora

117. Hot Wings

118. Capamari

119. Squashini

120. Zeke

121. Beadrix

122. Dom Woole

123. Angie

124. Fofa

125. Dedede Doll

126. Hothead

127. TAC

128. Mario


Here are what the match-ups are going to look like:

  • Mr. Tick-Tock vs. Kracko Jr.
  • Escargoon vs. Zeke
  • Chef Kawasaki vs. Sparky
  • Dragoon vs. Marx
  • NOVA vs. Paint Roller
  • 02 vs. Squashini
  • Burnin' Leo vs. TAC
  • Knuckle Joe vs. Fofa
  • Fatty Whale vs. Storo
  • Beadrix vs. Adelaine
  • Sir Ebrum vs. Batafire
  • Shotzo vs. Master Hand
  • Dark Matter vs. Gobbler
  • Dyna Blade vs. Bombar
  • Moley vs. Meta Knight
  • Wiz vs. Fangora
  • Angie vs. Kracko
  • Captain Vul vs. Capsule J2
  • Blipper vs. Galacta Knight
  • Masher vs. Heavy Mole
  • Whispy Woods vs. Tokkori
  • Blade Knight vs. ChuChu
  • Drawcia vs. Rolling Turtle
  • Kit Cosmos vs. Miracle Matter
  • Capamari vs. King Dedede
  • Heavy Lobster vs. Dedede Doll
  • Squishy vs. Dark Meta Knight
  • Mabel vs. Wham Bam Rock
  • Ribbon vs. Keeby
  • Shadow Kirby vs. Tuff
  • Phan Phan vs. Chameleo Arm
  • Mario vs. Coo
  • Kirby vs. Melman (Poor Melman)
  • Fololo vs. Kabu
  • Tiff vs. Bonkers
  • Dark Mind vs. Golem
  • King Golem vs. The Squeakers
  • Gooey vs. Knuckle Joe's Father
  • Dropso vs. Waddle Dee
  • Dark Nebula vs. Falala
  • Sword Knight vs. Wham Bam Jewel
  • Chilly vs. Koozer
  • Customer Service vs. Dom Woole
  • Daroach vs. Hot Wings
  • Spinni vs. Biospark
  • Kine vs. Batamon
  • Mega Titan vs. Green Kirby
  • Bonkers vs. Zero
  • Drawcia vs. Javelin Knight
  • Red Kirby vs. Imohmushii
  • Plasma Wisp vs. Mace Knight
  • Yin-Yarn vs. Silica
  • Lololo vs. Crazy Hand
  • Brown Kirby vs. Ebifryer
  • Rick vs. Laser Ball
  • Scarfy vs. Garlude
  • Lance Knight vs. Nightmare
  • Red Kirby vs. Lalala
  • Mr. Shine vs. Wheelie
  • Flamer vs. Waddle Doo
  • Prince Fluff vs. Trident Knight
  • Bugzzy vs. Lady Like
  • Doc vs. Dark Matter
  • Mr. Bright vs. Hydra

I am no longer accepting suggestions obviously, voting will start in 3 days!

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