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    Three years later, and I’m still writing up these E3 overviews! Anyway, hopes were high for this E3 for me, what with some big announcements looming. Smash Switch, most notably. And that’s exactly what we got… and (almost) nothing else. Was hoping for a couple more titles to be announced (and some elaboration on Metroid Prime 4, of course…), but this seemed to be, yet again, a year with an intense focus on a single title. Oh well!

    As for any news on the pink puff, there were no real announcements of any DLC at the conference, although it seems as though we’ll be getting Daroach and Dark Meta Knight this summer. Unsure if this means we’re only getting two in the update, but I suppose that remains to be seen.

    Without further Ado (pun intended), …

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  • Paul2

    I was definitely pumped up for Nintendo’s announcements at this year’s E3 in particular. This being the year of the pink puff’s 25th anniversary, I came in with high hopes for seeing some Kirby action (despite the fact that he’s been notably absent from or pushed aside in almost every one of these presentations that I can recall). And, well… I most certainly got it!

    So, without further ado, let’s get right into my thoughts on the best and worst at this year’s showing!

    (Note: These opinions are based solely on first impressions of what was shown at Nintendo’s E3 events. The games shown may turn out to be completely different from how I originally thought, but my opinions are just based on what they look like to me from what they showed at the p…

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  • Paul2

    Hello all! A few days ago, I created the Ability Mix Idea Thread, and it seems to have been a successful post. Recently, I came up with the insane idea of making an extremely large chart to show all of our ideas thus far.

    Well... here it is. It was certainly a difficult project, to say the least, and I probably spent waaay too much time in Microsoft Excel perfecting it. I suggest opening it up to its full size, as it probably won't be useful if you're just looking at it on this page.

    If anyone discovers any errors or omissions or has any ideas for this chart, please let me know. In the case of any repeat mixes, I simply went with the original idea. Also, I will likely update the chart every once in a while to add in new ideas. Finally, I can a…

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    I'll admit, I wasn't really sure if I would continue this series for Nintendo's E3 2016 presentation. I was more than a little disappointed with the announcement that Nintendo would be holding a 'Treehouse' event and would only be showcasing two games on Day 1, again breaking the mold of their previous run of Digital Events and Nintendo Directs. Because of the fact that this presentation was rather different, I'll be showcasing some of the more notable elements of the presentation factor along with the games themselves.

    This E3 has had absolutely nothing to do with the Kirby series, but I suppose that's to be expected- after all, we did just get Planet Robobot.

    I started to watch Nintendo's E3 presentation on Day 1 with somewhat low expectation…

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  • Paul2

    Well, it's that time of year again. I've decided to start (another) annual series, this one about E3! This series will showcase four games from Nintendo's Digital Event- two that, in my opinion, are bad, and two that I think are good. I hate to start this on a year that had nothing to do with the Kirby series, but I suppose it's as fine a time as ever. Well, let's get started!

    (Note: These opinions are based on a first look at these games. They may turn out to be great/terrible, but it's just what it looks like to me from what they showed at the Digital Event.)



    Super Mario Maker

    It truly seems that they're giving top billing to this game at E3, what with the Best Buy demos and with it being the final game in the Nintendo World Cha…

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