If you have been on the wiki for some time, you may have seen me. I've been around for the past year or so, and I know that a lot of interesting things can happen on a wiki.

So, why am I saying this, you may ask? Well, it's because I would like to hear stories about something that has happened to you on the wiki, whether you be a newcomer or a veteran. It can really be about anything that has happened to you on the Kirby Wiki.

The reason that these stories could be useful to others is that people may learn from your experiences and situations. It could help them, to be honest, become better editors or even just better users. Sure, you could learn these things from help manuals on Wikia, but really, in my mind, there's no better (or more entertaining) way to get a point across than to tell a story about something that's really happened.

So, if you've been here, and if you've seen something on the wiki or have a story to tell, if you wish, you can post it in the comments area here.

Have a look! Thanks!

-Paul2 :D

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